Hypnotic Eye - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Hypnotic Eye
Voyager - Jenny Lewis
Jenny Lewis
Eric Clapton & Friends: The Breeze (An Appreciatio - Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton & Friends: The Breeze (An Appreciatio
Federal Singles 1958-60 - James Brown
James Brown
Federal Singles 1958-60
Lese Majesty - Shabazz Palaces
Shabazz Palaces
Lese Majesty


Etta James ROCKS THE HOUSE Limited LP Pressing - BLUE VINYL with BONUS tracks:

Best known for her lush 1961 rendition of the ballad "At Last", Etta James is also celebrated for having released "Rocks the House, one of the best live albums of all time. Recorded in 1963 at the New Era Club in Nashville, James is captured at her performance peak. The foundation for her reputation as a fiery no-holds-barred performer was firmly established on this recording, now reissued on limited edition blue vinyl with 3 bonus tracks which have never been released on vinyl ($23.99). Pre-order now by stopping in or calling the shop at 608.259.1991.

SPOON presents VINYL GRATIFICATION - Back By Popular Demand:

Pre-order the new Spoon LP from us and get some instant vinyl gratification! Spoon has created an exclusive 10" which is free with pre-order from indies like us. It features pre-release songs from the album and the 10" is available starting July 30th (these are uber-limited, so do not delay). This is what the band says about their promotion - we think it's worth the jump.


Phish's third studio album, originally released in 1992, will be available September 16th on vinyl for the first time! Mastered from the original analog tapes, this limited edition 2LP set is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and comes with a digital download. Pre-order now by stopping in or calling the shop at 608.259.1991.


This limited repress of Space Wrangler, the debut album from Widespread Panic, has already sold out, our remaining copies are available now in the shop. The band's self-titled album will be available this Tuesday, July 29th in the shop.

Everyday & Ain't Life Grand, the 3rd and 4th albums by the band get their first and limited vinyl pressings on August 26th. Preorder in the shop or by phone (608.259.1991).


Hip-hop from the fringe! Ishmael Butler is better known as the leader in beloved 90s trio Digable Planets. His second album as Shabazz Palaces continues the bugged-out voyage to the outer realm. Heavily tweaked with nary a recognizable loop to tether it, this goes out to the depths sought by fellow travelers like the Anticon Collective but in a more fully formed, less didactic manner. Honestly, sounds closer to something that would come out on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint, with the Jeremiah Jae’s “Raw Money Raps” record the solid point of comparison. Best listened to while on brown acid, probably.
- Ryan / Strictly Discs
CD $12.99 / LP $24.99 (LOSER Edition LP with etched 4th side and a bonus 7")

UK renaissance man Harvey Bassett has a CV stretching back to the early 80s cinching him as one of the world's most certified party machers. He got his start playing drums in a John Peel-approved post punk band, did time in the 80s NYC graf/hiphop scene, helped launch a mobile party in Cambridge and Brighton that introduced disco and house to the UK and gave rise to the acid house underground, and released a string of influential edits that basically redefined the DJ-as-auteur in the remix game. By the turn of the century he'd established himself as the pre-eminent freeform DJ, willing and able to play just about any style of music ever pressed to wax across his freewheeling 8-hour sets. Here and there, he's found time to make music of his own, none of it as welcomingly anachronistic as this album as Wildest Dreams. With a wrecked crew of LA session men, Bassett takes us back to the party-ready realm of 1970s west coast rock, channeling early Eagles, bootleg Doors jams, and lesser knowns like Aliotta Haynes and Jeremiah, Spirit and Sopwith Camel. Without resorting to macho tudes or cheesy posturing, Wildest Dreams capture the fearless spirit of the no-frills rock four-piece when they sat atop the musical pecking order, unfurling banner-long jams until the tape ran out. Yet many of these tracks have an endless motor to them that would put them right at home in a marathon Harvey set, smack between a drum-heavy Afro-rock tune and Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like An Eagle". If Wooden Shjips' dead-on retro moves get you going, this is the next dose.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $13.99 / LP $18.99

It's been quite some time since we've seen the type of release from Mississippi Records that initially made the label's name: carefully considered compilations of folk and ethnic music from the pre-WWII era. Luckily, they're getting back to their roots with the above releases. Last Kind Words is actually a reissue of the label's first release; it's blues and gospel focused, and gathers some truly haunting performances from the likes of Blind Willie McTell, Memphis Minnie, as well as Geeshie Wiley's infamous "Last Kind Words". Seven Skeletons Found in the Yard is a collection of early Trinidadian calypsos. Calypso is a genre that has negative connotations for most people, as it's closely associated with steel drums and resort band schmaltz. None of that is to be found on this record. The songs here, to me, sound like fractured, somewhat atonal takes on Duke Ellington or Cab Calloway with strange lyrics. If you are at all interested in music from the prewar era, both these records will make for solid purchases.
- Clay, Strictly Discs
Last Kind Words LP - $14.99 / Seven Skeletons LP - $15.99

Released as an afterthought - or an addendum - to Someday World, issued back in May, the second collaboration between iconic producer Brian Eno and Underworld's Karl Hyde almost immediately eclipses its predecessor. Where that album trafficked in somewhat awkward, skeletal pop dominated by Hyde's stream of consciousness vocals, High Life brings the immersive, solemn bliss we all know and love from Eno's classic late 70s output. The album's six expansive tracks highlight Eno's studio alchemy, whipping Hyde's enigmatic guitar playing into a hypnotic storm of sliced, ascending notes. With tracks like "Time To Waste It" harnessing an afrobeat rhythm, and "Moulded Life" echoing the doomsday skank of classic Adrian Sherwood dub productions, High Life at times sounds like a sister record to Eno and David Byrne's genre-defining album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, which is an aspect of Eno's career we've always needed to hear more of. If the prospect of a new "pop" album got you worked up for the let down of Someday World, grab this one immediately!
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $14.99 / LP $24.99 (out August 26)

Here it is! The all purpose, make everyone at the party happy record. Your Hip-Hop heads will be pleased by the funky drumming and the fact that it was produced by Larry Mizell, your Soul & Funk dudes will dig wah-wah electric guitar and deep funky bass... most jazz heads (unless they are really stuck-up) will admire the complete control of the trumpet by the always dependable Donald Byrd. When "Black Byrd" came out in 1973, Donald Byrd had just come off the very successful release of (the highly recommended) "Ethiopian Knights", which was a wonderfully dark and spacious record. "Black Byrd" is the opposite with high production value and a much more commercial appeal. It would be hard to call this a "jazz" record (and I don't think they were really trying to make one) but for the first time, a wider range of jazz musicians were actually able to make real money by modifying their sound to fit within the realm of a public that was looking to get-down and funky, something jazz once was all about, back before the 1950's.
- Luke / Strictly Discs
LP $19.99

After an elliptical discography of lofi homemade pop, White Fence's Tim Presley adds a helping of studio polish on what ought to be his breakout album. It's long overdue; there's already plenty of classic White Fence tunes out there on albums like Is Growing Faith and Family Perfume, abrupt beauties shrouded in a ferric fuzz that keeps them at a bit of an ironic remove. On this record, Presley pulls no punches, unleashing gorgeous, slovenly guitar jangle across a brooding garage template that reflects a steady diet of Syd Barrett, The Easybeats and Johnny Thunders, with back of the sinus vocal delivery in a dead-on English accent. That a full album of pop tunes sung in an affected accent doesn't get tiring, or even noticeable, is a testament to how legitimately Presley occupies and updates this sound. This one's for mods and rockers both.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $14.99 / LP $18.99

THIS WEEK'S JUKEBOX - featuring selections from our New & Noteworthy Picks:



Free slipmat with any Blue Note purchase

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JULY 22:
Richard Thompson - Acoustic Classics CD
The Black Angels - Clear Lake Forest CD/LP
Mark Barrott - Sketches From An Island 2LP
Common - Nobody Smiling CD
La Roux - Trouble in Paradise CD/LP
Alessandro Cortini - Sonno CD
Dalhous - Will To Be Well CD/LP
Alvvays - S/T CD/LP
Amazing Snakeheads - Amphetamine Ballads CD/LP
Swell Maps - Archive Recordings Vol 1 LP
Hook & Anchor - S/T CD/LP
Kyuss - Circus Leaves Town, Blues From Red Sun, Sky Valley, Wretch LP reissues
La Hell Gang - Thru Me Again LP
OBN III's - Live in San Francisco CD/LP
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened EP
White Fence - For The Recently Found Innocent CD/LP
Matthew Young - Recurring Dreams LP

JULY 29:
Jenny Lewis - The Voyager CD/LP
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Hypnotic Eye CD/LP
Stardeath & White Dwarfs - Wastoid CD/LP
3rd Bass - Cactus Album reissue LP
Hooray For Earth Racy CD/LP
V/A - Hyperdub 10.2 CD
Kozelek, Mark & Jimmy LaValle - Perils From The Sea LP
Pye Corner Audio/Not Waving - Intercepts LP
Shabazz Palaces - Lese Majesty CD/LP
Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens - Cold World CD/LP
Sun Kil Moon Benji LP
Wildest Dreams (DJ Harvey) - S/T CD/LP

Spoon - They Want My Soul CD/LP
Alias - Pitch Black Prism CD/LP
Grateful Dead/John Oswald - Grayfolded 3LP
Rick Wilhite - Vibes 2 CD/LP
Lee Hazlewood - Friday's Child, Love and Other Crimes, The N.s.v.i.p.'s LP reissues
Brigitte Fontaine - S/T LP reissue
Heldon - Allez-teia LP reissue
Bear in Heaven - Time is Over One Day Old CD/LP
Naomi Punk - Television Man CD/LP
Devonte Hynes - Palo Alto score CD/LP
The Rosebuds - Sand + Silence CD/LP
Christopher Denny - If The Roses Dont Kill Us CD/LP
David Kilgour - End Times Undone CD/LP
Craig Leon - Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos / Visiting LP
Spider Bags - Frozen Letter CD/LP
V/A - Music From the Mountain Provinces reissue LP

Chris Staples - American Soft CD/LP
FaltyDL - In The Wild CD/LP
Adebisi Shank - This Is The Third Album CD/LP
Mirel Wagner - When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day CD/LP
FKA Twigs - LP1 LP
Lykke Li - I Never Learn LP
Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas LP
Dilated Peoples - Directors of Photography CD/LP
Sinead O'Connor - I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss CD/LP
Bunny Lee & The Roots of Reggae - I Am The Gorgon CD/LP
VHS Head - Persistence of Vision CD/LP

999 - Biggest Prize In Sport LP reissue
Benjamin Booker - S/T CD/LP
Castanets - Decimation Blues CD/LP
Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood CD
Apache Dropout - Heavy Window CD/LP
Com Truise - In Decay LP
Fela Kuti - Confusion, Teacher Dont Teach Me Nonsense, Sorrow Tears and Blood LP reissues
Eels - Beautiful Freak LP reissue
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard - Shotgun Wedding LP reissue
MC5 - Back In The Sea LP reissue
Miami Dolphins - Becky CD/LP
Kimbra - The Golden Echo CD/LP
jj - V CD/LP
Julius Hemphill - Raw Materials & Residuals LP w/CD
Joseph Jarman & Don Moye - Black Paladins LP w/CD
Moon Duo - Live in Ravenna LP
Beach Day - Native Echoes CD/LP
Electric Wurms (Flaming Lips) - Musik, Die Schwer zu Twerk CD/LP
Pauline Oliveros - Accordion & Voice and Wanderer CDs
Pallbearer - Foundations of Burden CD/LP
Plasmatics - New Hope For The Wretched LP reissue
Spiritualized - Let It Come Down LP reissue
Bishop Allen - Lights Out CD/LP
Jenny Hval & Susanna - Meshes of Voice CD
Peter Jefferies - Electricity LP reissue
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - S/T LP reissue
Crime - Murder by Guitar LP reissue


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Available individually and collected in a limited 14LP boxed edition, accompanied by an exclusive 108-page hardbound book:

Please Please Me
With The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night
Beatles For Sale
Rubber Soul
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles (2LP)
Mono Masters (3LP)


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This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

The last Thompson acoustic album was over 30 years ago. This one cherry picks all the classic songs from his over 40 year solo career, and then Thompson performs them all acoustically. He has even included songs from the Linda and Richard years of the 70s and early 80s. A few of the cuts on the album are "Dimming of the Day," 1952 Vincent Black Lightning," "Shoot Out the Lights," Beeswing" along with 10 more classics. Most of the songs are more immediate and intense when performed acoustically. They also deliver a heightened sense of emotional poignancy too. With Dick tackling his best material, playing the acoustic guitar and singing this is really a no-brainer for any serious Thompson fan. It is also a must for fans of masterful acoustic playing and for fans of superbly written songs.
- Ted Talks

This is her 2nd solo album since Rilo Kiley broke up and her 3rd solo album overall. She also did an album as a duo with her boyfriend, Johnathan Rice, several years ago. You may remember the Johnny and Jennie album. With this new album she recruited Ryan Adams and Mike Viola (of Candy Butchers fame) to produce the album. The producers decided to use a variety of musical styles on this album - from sparkly pop to indie rock to introspective torch songs. The lyrics are very personal, dealing with the breakup of Rilo Kiley, the death of her father and her place in the world as she ages and realizes that her dreams and desires of youth may not come to fruition. But the music and lyrics come together as an engaging whole, with each complementing each other. "Voyager" is a very personal album, but is still an album that anyone can wrap their head around and find plenty to sink their teeth into.
- Ted Talks

This is only their 13th album since the mid 70s. You may remember that their 2010 album "Mojo"was blues-based. This one is a rock album for sure. But it is mainly a classic rock sound, that is mixed with a bit of the old Heartbreakers sound and even some of the early 70s California sound. There are more than a few stylistic changes on the album, ranging from moody ballads to rock anthems. One could agree that this is a typical TPATH album. I say that it has a more refined sound with just a bit of idiosyncratic touches to keep it interesting. It is certainly refreshing to see a band that never tires of getting together and trying to create something fresh, even after all these years.
- Ted Talks

Ron, Ryan, Angie, Ethan, Evan, Clay, Luke & Jimi