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Local Natives are releasing their third album, Sunlit Youth, September 9th via Loma Vista, and they're the newest participants in the vinyl gratification program started by Spoon frontman Britt Daniel. Music fans have become accustomed to pre-ordering new albums digitally and getting instant access to a few new songs when they do. The concept for vinyl gratification was born out of wanting to give fans who pre-order from a physical record store a similar instant bonus.

Pre-order the Sunlit Youth LP in-store and receive a free 10" on the spot featuring three new tracks from the album and one exclusive song, "Lydon."


Joining the ranks of an increasing amount of producers not content to limit their output to EPs and singles is the UK's Steven Julien, known better by his alias FunkinEven. Like longform savants Omar S, Sotofett, Helena Hauff, Vakula, and Kyle Hall, Julien has graced the dance world with countless modern classic singles. But those records are typically just one track coupled with a remix, an experimental toss-off, or slivers of bonus drum tracks that only hint at their maker's creativity. On Fallen, Julien explores the full potential of his sound, delivering us twelve songs that reflect, echo, and build on eachother. The album develops slowly, with a confident patience (I don't hear any hi-hats until the second side). 'Chantel' rides an escalating pattern of pastel keys and warbly bass into some celestial Hancockian oblivion. Next track 'Carousel' recalls those tones, this time replicated with abstracted, tectonic plates of organ chords, matched to a more insistent kick drum. In the space of these two integrous tracks, Julien declares a commitment to acoustic exploration and rhythmic utility (the raison d'etre of dance music, after all) with a fervor I haven't witnessed on any other record this year. And that's only the beginning, as the record next peels into 'XL', it's most salable banger, a bpm-flexible portable masterpiece of pealing piano loops, a jab of vocal, and a clattering snare. As the album continues, Julien moves to show off the rest of his quiver: 'Kingdom' is neurotic acid, 'Reficul' a bleached out drum machine oddity, while 'Marie', 'Jedi', and 'Disciple' all remind us of Julien's claim to the highest echelon of today's producers, three classic late night house jams that twinkle and glisten as they surreptitiously charge straight through you.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $16.99 / LP $22.99

While “Freetown” echoes the stridency shooting through the heralded recent work of D’Angelo and Kendrick, you might mistake it for a revisit through midtempo Sade, Pet Shop Boys and various points of Linn-sanity. Those who found much to dig from Shamir’s latest will probably find plenty to love here as well. It’s only when the insistent chorus of “Hands Up” or a sampled bit of BDP’s “Why Is That” elbow into the mix that the listener becomes aware of an elevated purpose. This isn’t Devonte Hynes’ first album as Blood Orange, but it’s a cinch to bring him attention beyond. Compulsively listenable and a simpatico spotlight for his yearning tenor, be ready to see this showing up on the 2016 year-ends.
- Ryan / Strictly Discs
CD $12.99 / LP $23.99

The San Francisco musician Jefre Cantu-Ledesma has a particular grip on the ambient genre, in a way the most relevant musical style of a crowded, anxious 21st century. His bands Tarentel and The Alps bid farewell to the nineties with their pendulous, majestic takes on rock, and his solo albums, like 2007's 'Love is A Stream' for Type, and 2014's 'A Year With 13 Moons' for Mexican Summer, forage into formlessness marked by chromatic guitar mossed with glitching, gritting textural noise. Amidst those records, Cantu-Ledesma also released two cassette in very small quantities, reprinted now on vinyl in only a slightly larger run, and they contain some of the most glorious music you've never heard. Both LPs are comprised of sketches that modulate on a similar theme and instrumentation: a looping guitar refrain that gathers a decaying, attenuated echoic weight, ala Basinski, and a plodding drum machine set to a deeply unhurried pace. The result sounds like a lucid dream of the entire early 90s 4AD catalog marching in listless step, as Jefre's timbral guitar connects again and again like an unshakable heart stitch. Apparently recorded straight to tape, the sound here occasionally drops out or stutters, lending these two LPs a personality as if they were created only for you. Kiss your needle goodbye.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
LPs $19.99/each

In a year that's already seen a wealth of classic nyahbinghi-style reggae reissues (Ras Michael's 'Promised Land Sounds', Count Ossie's 'Tales of Mozambique') comes the daddy of them all, the most roots LP in all of iration: Count Ossie's 1973 album 'Grounation'. Claimed by some as the finest reggae album of them all (maybe me, though I'd probably take the Congos), Grounation wont win any awards for it's fidelity (it sounds like it was recorded in a yard with a couple mics), but it more than makes up for that in purity of spirit. Fellowship is the order of the day here, as drummers drift in and out of the session, murmuring harmonizers maintain a glowing ember, and Oswald Williams steps to the mic time and again to intone praise towards his band and his fellow man. Aside from the endlessly undulating jams, highlights here include two different takes on the stirring resistance anthem "Four Hundred Years" and a marvelous version of the Jamaican folk song "Oh Carolina", later popularized in the 90s by Shaggy. Grounation has been hard to come by on vinyl for decades, available only on dodgy Jamaican and UK pressings, so it's a real treat to see it back in the shop, with beautiful full artwork restored, from the Japanese label Dub Store. Grab one while you can!
- Evan / Strictly Discs
3LP $33.99

Osaka's Kohei Matsunaga has been manufacturing techno at an industrial craftsman's pace for many years, and now makes his full-length debut for London's mental electronics imprint Diagonal, a match well-forged in bassbin heaven. NHK makes brutalist, austere techno that unscrolls as if programmed by some iterative theorem, a bespoke blend of Richard D. James Album era Aphex, Autechre and other mid-90s Warpisms, the cavernous hollows of cerebral dubtech, and the relentlessness of Mika Vainio. Doom Steppy Reverb's seven neatly formed tracks are anchored to a beat, to be sure, but any movement they'll inspire are those of pure psychedelic transport, as Matsunaga's hallucinogenic keys and thumps communicate with eachother in the imperceptible language of a hive full of hornets. A bar-setting release for IDM's third decade.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $12.99 / LP $19.99


John Paul White, formerly of The Civil Wars, will release his debut solo album on August 19th. However we already have a 7" featuring Martyr from the release as well as an exclusive b-side, Maple Hill. The 7" costs two bucks and comes with a coupon for $2 off the CD or LP.


Scott Walker will release The Childhood of a Leader on August 19th with an indie-only LP on clear vinyl.

New Tobacco CD/LP will be released on August 19th - our indie version will be pressed on beige in clear blue vinyl and is limited to 2,500 copies.

Cass McCombs returns on August 26th with his new album and Anti Records debut, Mangy Love. We will have an indie exclusive colored version that is limited to 1000 copies.

Wilco is set to release their new album and we will have a special limited edition on opaque pink vinyl which will be available on Tuesday, September 6th ahead of the September 9th regular release.

On September 9, Teenage Fanclub return with Here, the band’s first album in six years - our indie exclusive LP will be on clear vinyl.

Indie-exclusiv Allah Las on clear vinyl to be released on September 9th.

Indie-exclusive Dawes LP on yellow marbled vinyl to be released on September 16th.

New Against Me on white vinyl and limited to 4000 copies - available September 16th.

New Preoccupations LP on clear viny on September 16th.

Indie-exclusive Warpaint LP on pink and black vinyl to be released on September 23rd.

New Beach Slang pressing on white and blue starburst vinyl available on September 23rd.

New Jenny Hval on September 30th pressed on red vinyl.

New Bob Weir on colored vinyl to be released on September 30th.


Our next MUSIC TRIVIA at the High Noon Saloon is Tuesday, September 13th. Registration starts at 5:30 with the first question at 6PM.



This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

This originally came out on vinyl on Record Store Day this April, and is now available on cd. Their first album had just been released 6 weeks before and this Boston show was part of a co-headlining tour with the Talking Heads. Material includes songs from the first album and some newly written songs that would appear on their second album in 1980. Since this was their first foray out of the clubs that bred them, the band really had something to prove. And the band played furiously that Friday night. This is an awesome performance and the live sound is excellent. This release helps one realize how great the band was in their heyday.
- Ted Talks

It is surprising that a band whose first album came out in 1985, would still be making great albums over 30 years later. There have been break-ups and bad feelings amongst the members, but the band buried all of that and got back together to make music. This is the fourth album since their reformation in 2005. And like it's reformation predecessors, it is an extremely good album. Most of the songs are from J. Mascis, but Lou Barlow contributes two moody cuts. It is an incredible musical tale that the band still is a viable musical force in 2016. Sometimes artists get better with age. Dinosaur jr. is a perfect example of the sentiment.
- Ted Talks

New Musical Express, a weekly English music newspaper, put out a cassette of new UK artists in 1986 called "C86". In 2014, Cherry Red put out a box set of the that release, along with a huge amount of bonus material. In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of "C86", Cherry Red has released "C87." I know that the reasoning does not make a whole amount of sense, but hey who needs logic when music is involved? The three discs feature 74 artists, including indie favorites such as the Wedding Present, the Vaselines, the Primitives, the House of Love, Pop Will Eat Itself, and many others. The stipulation for inclusion was that the tracks were recorded and/or released in 1987. This is a stellar collection of the prime of UK indie pop, moving on from seventies punk, eighties post-punk and the impact of the Smiths and then synthesizing something new in 1987. This is just before the rise of baggy and the Stone Roses a short time later. It is astounding the amount of talent in these discs. There are so many ace tracks in these three discs that it is almost funny. An authoritative booklet highlights the history of the bands involved. "C87" is a fascinating glimpse of what the musical scene was in the UK in 1987. Perhaps Cherry Red should curate a serious featuring other years. That would be fantastic.
- Ted Talks

Jad and David have been releasing music since 1980. Be it as Half-Japanese, or Jad Fair's collaborations with Daniel Johnston, Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub and literally scores of other artists. Jad especially has been involved with almost forty albums in thirty-six years. If you have heard of Half-Japanese, then you will know that the Fair Brothers are not exactly everyone's cup of tea. A good description to start with would be neo-primitive, but there is a level of musical intelligence going on that does not make them unsophisticated primitives. The wildly idiosyncratic nature of the music and lyrics makes this release a natural for adventuresome listeners. "Shake, Cackle and Squall" can really reward the listener who gives it a chance.
- Ted Talks


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