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The Hold Steady will release deluxe reissues of their first two LPs, 2004's Almost Killed Me and 2005's Separation Sunday on November 11th.

Almost Killed Me and Separation Sunday have both been remastered from the original tape and fleshed out with unreleased tracks, demos and other songs from their respective eras. The Almost Killed Me reissue will feature the Hold Steady's debut seven-inch single "Milkcrate Mosh" plus four tracks only available on the Australian version of the album.

Separation Sunday comes with two unreleased cuts – "212-Margarita" and "The Most Important Thing" – plus demos for the album tracks "Cattle and the Creeping Things," "Charlemagne in Sweatpants" and "Crucifixion Cruise."

Both albums will also be available on vinyl after being out of print for a decade; Almost Killed Me is pressed on a bright blue vinyl while Separation Sunday will be reissued on white vinyl. Although the vinyls maintain the album's original track lists, the bonus tracks will be available via download card; the CD versions of the deluxe reissues also contain the bonus tracks. Pre-order now in the shop or by phone 608.259.1991.


Genre tags usually work against most bands, but damn if there isn't a pithier way to sum up the sound of Austin's True Widow than "stonegaze". The trio craft simple, entrancing songs out of rounded, bobbing riffs that lull and gently paralyze the listener. This pendulous, bronzed chug is encrusted in the faintest of overdriven distortion, and paired with charging, ride-heavy drumming, and wan vocals that verge on the liturgical. While 'Avvolgere' is True Widow's first album in three years, the band haven't changed up their style all that much; most of the tracks here pitch themselves into the same steady groove of their past few (very excellent) albums. No complaints here.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $13.99 / LP $24.99

The release of 'Femenine', a heretofore unheard performance from 1974, heralds a new wave of appreciation for the African-American composer Julius Eastman. This attention is sadly belated and even more sorrowfully relevant, given the state of current American discourse on the equal importance of the black experience. Eastman's outsized musical accomplishments run an inverse parallel to his enshrinement in the pantheon of 20th Cent. American composers, but that can always change. Eastman was minimalism's first true guerilla; a phenomenal pianist whose compositions emphasized his blackness and homosexuality, a twofold outsiderdom that made him quickly unwelcome in an academy ruled by John Cage's investigations of silence, while presaging post-minimalism's embrace of pop structure, evident later on in the work of Laurie Anderson, Rhys Chatham, Meredith Monk and Arthur Russell. 'Femenine' was performed only once by the S.E.M. Ensemble at SUNY-Buffalo, a wondrous, angelic hourlong suite enjoining the slatted light of woodwinds, mechanical sleigh bells, violin, piano and synthesizer. It's endlessly repeating phrases of marimba notes will surely remind you of Reich, a contemporary of Eastman's whose seminal 'Music For 18 Musicians' did not debut until the following year. This is euphoric music with a purely transformative, alchemical power, quite literally consigned to obscurity until now. With extensive liner notes by Eastman's defacto biographer, Mary Jane Leach.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $17.99

It's not for the faint of heart, but Gary Howell's debut solo release for Manchester dark electronics label Modern Love is one of the best investigations of spooked acoustics I've heard in years, since, perhaps, Autechre's 'Exai' or Raime's 'Quarter Turns Over A Living Line'. Howell has a short but blistering discography: he was part of the Demdike Stare-related project Pendle Coven, and prior to that a member of dark jungle trio Hate, alongside Miles Whittaker and Andy Stott. 'Housebound Demigod' has a dread vibe much in keeping with these artists, but burrows down to a microbial level unlike anything else I've heard on the label. Recorded at home with a limited set up of a 'battered' guitar (this seemed important to mention in the bio for this record), some pedals, and a drum machine, Howell seems intent on showing us just how much terror he can conjugate with a basic set up of household musical objects. 'Screaming Demon Pickups' spreads itself wide, ticking percussion at one register, excruciatingly low sub-bass rumble at the other. 'Packhorse' turns on a throttling scream of noise like a faucet, before directing it into the lithe, skipping 'Angels and Doormen', which weds a tapping rhythm to a strangely sliced-up spoken word sample. Each track here, whether pummeling you with sound or entering you subliminally, with intravenous frequencies, is crafted with the scrutiny to detail that makes every Modern Love release worth a listen. But, maybe not in front of the children.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
LP $23.99

The Astral Industries label has bolted out of the gate with five releases in rapid succession cementing it as a keen arbiter of quality, esoteric ambient music, with a peculiar visual brand lent by illustrator Theo Ellsworth, best known for the psychedelic hand-drawn wizardry on the cover of Flying Lotus' 'Pattern+Grid World'. The most curious of these releases have been the two from the Dutch group known only as Chi, who released just one cassette during their existence, back in 1986. A.I. has just re-released that cassette, along with a second LP of unreleased material, and both are stunning experiences in 'Fourth World' ambient, after the fashion of Jon Hassell. This is music that begins life already well aloft and strives higher, in heaving waves of reeds and flute, thumping percussion, wisps of synth, and the chatter of voices on tape. Like other classics of pan-continental ambient emerging out of the 80s (Finis Africae, ECM's Codona unit, Suso Saiz, the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, the work of Musci and Venosta), Chi's music stands on a precipice, technology and gadgetry stowed aft, peering out into a welcoming, if chaotically ordered, verdant abyss. The music they crate manages to be at once elusive and and engaging.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
LPs $24.99


Ten Bands re-issue their albums on limited edition pink vinyl, all for one cause. This is the third year for the initiative that helped raise $65,000 for Gilda’s Club, an organization that provides community support for both those diagnosed with cancer and their caretakers. It is named after comedian Gilda Radner, who passed away from the disease at the age of 43 in 1989.

This year’s limited pink vinyl are from Anthrax, The Black Keys, Courtney Barnett, Ed Sheeran, Jim Breuer & The Loud & Rowdy, My Chemical Romance, NOFX, Opeth, Pixies and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Quantities are limited, so please pre-order (by phone 608.259.1991 or in the shop).


Phantogram's new album will drop on October 7th however we already have a 7" featuring two new tracksl. The 7" costs two bucks and comes with a coupon for $2 off the CD or LP.


Free temporary tattoos & postcards

Free poster, totebag & t-shirt

Free 7" pressed on green vinyl

Free CD EP with 5 live songs


Indie-exclusive Warpaint LP on pink and black vinyl to be released on September 23rd.

New Beach Slang pressing on white and blue starburst vinyl available on September 23rd.

New Jenny Hval on September 30th pressed on red vinyl.

New Bob Weir on colored vinyl to be released on September 30th.

New Goat LP on October 7th with a Sub Pop LOSER edition on limited edition red marbled vinyl.

New LP on pink vinyl from Joyce Manor (streets October 7th)

New Kings of Leon on coke bottle clear vinyl October 14th.

The Stranger Things Soundtrack arrives October 28th on very limited clear with black smoke vinyl.

A collection of b-sides and bonus material from the band’s debut album available on LP on November 18th.


Our next MUSIC TRIVIA at the High Noon Saloon is Monday, October 17th. Registration starts at 5:30 with the first question at 6PM.



This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

In 2011, Tom Gabel was the singer and guitarist of the punk band Against Me! In 2012 Gabel came out a s transgender woman with the name of Laura Jane Grace. 2014's "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" tackled everything that had transpired. That album was a high point of their career. The band had always tackled political themes in their music. With that album they also tackled sexual and cultural issues. "Shape Shift With Me" continues the lyrical and musical themes of their groundbreaking 2014 album. "Shape Shift With Me" is not better or worse than Transgender Dysphoria Blues." It just continues what went before. And what went before it was great and challenging. And so is "Shape Shift with Me"
- Ted Talks

This originally came out in 1997 as a two disc set. It included many of Led Zeppelin's sessions from 1969 to 1970. "BBC sessions now returns as a three disc set, featuring eight cuts that were never released before. Three of those eight cuts come from a lost 1969 session. And did I tell you that all the original cuts have been remastered? This is golden age Zeppelin, from the first four albums. Absolutely primo stuff. This album is a must for any Zep fan, and for even the casual fan of seventies rock. I must remind you again, this is Led Zeppelin!!
- Ted Talks

I can't believe that SCOTS has been together since 1985! Wow. All of the band's previous 15 albums have mined their greasy party rock aesthetic. "The Electric Pinecones" certainly follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. And really isn't that all a music fan would expect from a SCOTS album? They magnificently deliver what they do so well - creating an instant party!
- Ted Talks

"Unseen" is the perfect album title for the Handsome Family. They see volumes of knowledge in the mundane; they see the patterns of heaven in what others look right through. What others dismiss, the Handsome Family cherishes. And they write probably the most underrated lyrics describing the what they see through their own special lenses when they look at the world. Musically, there are a lot of their own twisted versions of alt-country and desert rock. There is also a palpable sense of dread in living on the margins of America's underclass and just not fitting in. "Unseen" builds on their other 10 albums. And the Handsome Family has always managed to surpass the albums that came before their newest. "Unseen: is no different.
- Ted Talks


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