5 - Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran
Come Pick Me Up - Superchunk
Come Pick Me Up
Hill - Richard Buckner
Richard Buckner
Night in the City: Radio Broadcast - Joni Mitchell
Joni Mitchell
Night in the City: Radio Broadcast
Broadcast from the Plant - Ry Cooder
Ry Cooder
Broadcast from the Plant
Morning / Evening - Four Tet
Four Tet
Morning / Evening
Twelve Reasons to Die II - Ghostface Killah
Ghostface Killah
Twelve Reasons to Die II
Home - Anoushka Shankar
Anoushka Shankar



Orange Is the New Black!

Pepsi Is the New Coke!

And now….

Friday is the New Tuesday!

Nestled between Manic Monday and Hump Day was Street Date/Record Release Tuesday. It was tradition and our most dedicated customers knew that was the first day their long-anticipated records would finally be purchasable. Well, hold onto your spurs, cowboy, the new Record Release Day is Friday. For those of you who anticipate your mid-week visit, don't fret! It’s just one more reason to keep workin’ for that weekend. Quite literally, this is a new transition for all music retailers (a Global Street Date), but we’re excited with the new move. Same freshness as before, just on a new day. All you early-birders might want to reset your calendars, though.

As always, we are here to help you navigate the challenges of new release availability. Pre-ordering new releases, no matter how far off they are in the near future, always ensures your best chance at securing a copy of what you're looking for, so don't hesitate to ask.


This October, the following artists are releasing special limited pink vinyl versions of their albums to benefit breast cancer research and the Gilda's Club organizaiton. Please pre-order by July 9th by stopping in the shop, emailing or calling 608.259.1991. Quantities will be very limited.


Our vinyl loving customers have become accustomed to us being your Madison resource for limited Sub Pop LOSER editions, and now we've partnered with Merge Records to bring you similiar special releases. Pre-orders (by stopping in the shop, emailing or calling 608.259.1991) are strongly encouraged as quantities will be very limited.

New album, Poison Season, by Destroyer available August 28th. Limited edition pre-orders on clear vinyl.

Debut album from HeCTA available September 18th on limited edition red vinyl.

New album by Telekinesis out September 18th and available on limited edition white vinyl.


Join us Saturday, July 11th for a rare treat, a special SOLO in-store with slide guitar and blues-master Sonny Landreth. Landreth will also be signing copies of his new CD and LP. Join us at 4PM!


New CD/LP coming from perennial favorites, Beach House - entitled Depression Cherry and dropping August 28th. Limited-edition LOSER edition on clear vinyl, available for pre-order now in the shop and by phone (608.259.1991).


After an album where Four Tet's Kieran Hebden traded his techjazz for club abstractions, it's time for another gentle left turn from an artist we've come to put a lot of blind faith in. Sanguine expectations are rewarded on Morning/Evening, a structurally direct album that gives you a side of waking up and a side of winding down with Four Tet, and its not exactly a shocker that these two events in Hebden's day are pretty dang chill. Morning rouses from slumber with a jaunty beat, before a gloriously ambiguous Bollywood vocal emerges, at first baleful and clarion, then splintered, panned and paired with itself. One truly feels the accumulation of a morning; getting dressed, leaving house, encountering someone on the street, all these are represented by Hebden's momentary tumbles into clattering overdrive. On the flip, Evening lulls from the get-go, a minimalist movement of blips and swells seemingly designed as a fake out, like a kid conning his parents into thinking he's asleep so he can stay out all night. And sure enough, out of all this belabored winding down emerges a triumphant housey beat, marching you straight to dawn to start it all again. A remarkably simple album that deceptively contains a vastness; similar, in that regard, to Miles Davis' In A Silent Way. Way to go big guy.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
CD $14.99/LP $19.99

The Polish duo Ptaki have quietly brought us one of the loveliest albums of the year in Przelot (or "Flight"), a record as beguiling as its striking cover art. The production team of Funkoff and Bartosz Kruczynski, who also has some incredible offbeat house albums to his name as The Phantom, operate in the very 21st century world of editing suites, carrying on a tradition established by groups like Quiet Village, the Avalanches, and Beautiful Swimmers. These groups all use sampled scraps of old records not just to craft a beat, but as a kind of anthropological casting of the runes, reimagining pop music in crossways fragments, often summoning a new, previously non-existent genre. That is quite the case on Przelot, an album that saunters from breezy soft pop, to chugging cosmic tapestries, to brightly adorned faux reggae, all with an easy abandon that suggests the possibilities of their sound are limitless. Most arresting about Przelot is its attention to detail; each hanging piano note, reverberating bass phrase, and wisp of vocal feels placed with a uncanny precision, yet the LP never lapses into tedium. There is a distinctly Polish narrative voice leading you through this music; many of the samples come from 1960s/70s Polish pop, jazz and AOR, and spoken interludes offer glimpses of mundanity in between the flashes of serene brilliance. Put this on at a party and you will look like a MacArthur Genius.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
CD $14.99/LP $21.99

The Senegalese singer and percussionist Amara Toure thrilled audiences for long stints in night clubs across three countries and four decades, but he only has ten recorded songs to his name. Scant in length though it may be, this is one potent discography. Toure led several bands in his native Dakar in the 1960s, as the Cuban music explosion (ignited by pachanga-crazed sailors in the 1940s) was in full bloom, a re-envisioning of Latin music as a melding of West African and Caribbean traditions. In the 70s, he moved to Cameroon, where he led the Black and White band, a top flight unit that entertained high society guests at the Luna Parc in Yaounde, and recorded the three singles that start off this disc. Toure sang with a sultry, smoky flair that rivaled the puissance of the Cubans (and reportedly drew praise from Fania CEO and bandleader Johnny Pacheco himself) while fronting a molten, shambolic unit of doleful saxophone, bubbling percussion and tickling guitar. In 1980, Toure moved on the Gabon, fronting a new band, the Orchestre Massako, and recording one LP, considered one of the finest sets of music ever set to tape in Africa. The songs here still retain their Latin mojo, with the addition of moody, psychedelic funk guitar redolent of Marathon-era Santana. With liner notes quoting several of Toure's old friends and bandmates, this is one fine package, and finally, a suitable tribute to a man who graced some of West Africa's most storied stages.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
CD $15.99 / LP $25.99

Her.imperial.majesty is the latest missive from a long gestating soundsystem project based, at times, in British Columbia and the Philippines. Sounds like there's a lot of hands in the kitchen, but I'm not sure if SKRS is a duo, a collective, or one nutty sound scientist. With tunes like these, it doesn't much matter, as there's evidence of larger forces at work here. SKRS takes a modern, deconstructionist sense to dubwise landscapes, fattening and filleting samples over hardened, skanking riddims and a constellation of digital detritus that sounds like the next logical step beyond the 8-bit sounds of the Jahtari label and chiptune. It's jarring, yet ultimately engaging stuff, recalling the reverse ontology of Jah Shaka banging his soundsystem into the daylight hours. A gorgeously packaged slice of music nobody else is making.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
LP $18.99



JULY 7/10:
Bert Jansch - Live at the 12 Bar LP
Prurient - Frozen Niagara Falls LP
Lee Bannon - Pattern of Excel CD/LP
Alice Coltrane - Universal Consciousness LP reissue
Die Antwoord - Tension LP reissue
Joanna Gruesome - Peanut Butter LP
Richard Buckner - Hill CD/LP
Heather Woods Broderick - Glider CD/LP
Dead Prez - Lets Get Free LP reissue
Envy - Atheist's Cornea CD
Duke Ellington - Conny Plank Session CD/LP
Ghostface Killah - 12 Reasons to Die II LP
Rachel Grimes - The Clearing LP
EZTV - Calling Out CD/LP
Mates of State - You're Going to Make It LP
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe - I Declare Nothing CD/LP
Satoshi Tomiie - New Day CD/LP
Jane Weaver - The Silver Globe CD/LP
Tapes - No Broken Hearts On This Factory Floor CD/LP
Fis - The Blue Quicksand is Going Now CD/LP
FP-Oner (Fred P) - 5 CD
Anneli Drecker - Rocks and Straws CD/LP
Surgeon - Balance LP reissue
Negative Scanner - S/T CD/LP
Matrixxman - Homesick CD/LP
V/A - Now Thats What I Call DIY! LP
Superchunk - Come Pick Me Up CD/LP reissue
White Poppy - Natural Phenomena CD/LP

JULY 17/21:
Tame Impala - Currents CD/LP
Jason Isbell - Something More Than Free CD/LP
Pitbull - Dale CD
V/A - Back From the Grave Vols. 1 through 7 CD reissues
Flying Saucer Attack - Instrumentals 2015 CD/LP
Pekka Airaksinen - Buddhas of Golden Light LP reissue
Zero 7 - Simple Things LP reissue
Richard Thompson - Still LP
Joy Division - Still and Substance LP reissues
Midnight - Into the Night LP reissue
Peacers (Mike Donovan of Sic Alps) - S/T CD/LP
Jenny Hval and Susanna - Meshes of Voice LP
Susanna & the Magical Orchestra - Melody Mountain LP reissue
Sleaford Mods - Key Markets CD/LP
Sonic Youth - EVOL CD/LP reissue


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This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

Imagine a wedding made in downtempo and chillwave heaven, officiated with a light touch of exhortation by in turn a house rather than dubstep James Blake or Andreya Triana. Maribou tate's first full length album Portraits sidles up next to you at the altar of techno only to reveal it is the bride and groom and the edding party is dressed in gray and green and dusky brown and will slide you cross the dance floor over a low flame of synthesized RnB tinges with a bit of Philadelphia in mind. Beautiful, slinky, clean, tight and gritty, with a quiet storm brewing underneath, this disc's minor key, small but gripping flourishes are an irresistible aural treat. Hertfordshire-born, Lpndon based mates Chris Davids and Liam Ivory have focused, taken aim and huskied up here. They hit the mark.
- Eric Rosenberg, EDMs

This release has Townshend's seal of approval; in fact his romantic partner Rachel Fuller did the orchestrations. And Townshend sings vocals on a few tracks, along with Billy Idol, Phil Daniels (the Quadrophenia movie's Jimmy) and Broadway/West End singer Alfie Boi. The orchestra brings out the range of dynamics that a band could only hint at, at times. Often this can get quite thrilling and exciting. This album has to be a must for any Who fans out there, and saving the best for last it is on the Deutsche Gramophone label!
- Ted Talks

This title roughly translates as Modern Young People and is a bit more than the post punk that we are familiar with in the English speaking world. More often than not the music is new wave/post punk with a peculiar French twist to the proceedings. There are proto electronics on the album but they are to aid the song not to make a heavy statement about the use of electronics. Most of the groups are unknown here and most likely in France too. It is interesting that most of the music is a bit lighter than what was going on across the English Channel at the time. "Des Jeunes Gens Modernes" is surprising, interesting, engaging and enjoyable if one simply accepts it for what it is. There is more going on here than just marveling at a musical archaeological dig. France really did produce some great new wave/post punk music that we simply never heard over here. This a strange and wonderful compilation that will enchant those fortunate to test the waters.
- Ted Talks

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