Helio Sequence -
Helio Sequence
Highlights - Tanlines
Sol Invictus - Faith No More
Faith No More
Sol Invictus
Blurryface (Special Packaging) - Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots
Blurryface (Special Packaging)
Monterey - Milk Carton Kids
Milk Carton Kids
Saturns Pattern - Paul Weller
Paul Weller
Saturns Pattern
Graffiti - Jd Allen
Jd Allen
Shine on - Muscle Shoals Horns
Muscle Shoals Horns
Shine on



Memorial Day Weekend has arrived, heralding the beginning of the outdoor party season. We know that, aside from a few key essentials, all you really need for the party is some great music, and we're here to help! Starting now through the end of the day Monday, mention our Memorial Day SALE to receive 15% OFF. That's anything in the store that hasn't already been marked down.

There's lots of hot new releases out on both CD and VINYL, and all kinds of sweet pickins in the basement from the last several collections, so now's your chance to snap them up on the cheap!

So before you fire up the grill and ice up the cooler, swing on by Strictly Discs for some new tunes and great deals!

Friday - Open until 8PM
Saturday - 10AM - 6PM
Sunday - 11AM - 5PM
Monday - 11AM - 4PM

*sale excludes other promotions and sale items*


600+ LPs have just hit the floor. Starting with rock we have a nice run on early Tom Waits records, all in great condition. Also in the mix are good grips of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello plus representation from good ol’ King Crimson, Fleetwood Mac, CCR and Springsteen.

We’ve also got a nice slate of newer titles by the likes of Fleet Foxes, Detroit Cobras, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Sharon Jones, Joanna Newsom, Wilco and the Decemberists. You will also find plenty of blues by the likes of B.B. King, Dr. John, Taj Mahal, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, Junior Wells, Memphis Slim, T-Bone Walker as well as a bunch of great comps! A smattering of hip hop/soul by the likes of Cool Keith, Missy Elliott, Pharcyde and the Sugarhill Gang round it out.

Next we have a very exciting selection of deep 80s and 90s dance records, culled from a couple different dormant working DJ collections we've come across recently. There's a little bit of everything here in this selection that looks like it could have come straight from Larry Levan's bag, from funky soul and boogie funk classics, to some cool Italo groovers and proto-house essentials from names like Klein & MBO, Gaz Nevada, Tee Scott, Francois K, and Timmy Regisford. After that, there's some great and rare 90s Chicago house, including some massive Dance Mania and Trax 12"s. Cap it with the quirky odds and ends that rounded out any roller-rink DJs crate back in the day and there's a lot of super cool records here that we hardly ever see. A lot of these saw a lot of play so they are priced to move! Scoop accordingly!

There's also a few surprises by the likes of Bauhaus, Suicide and Ramones... spin down and check it out for yourself.


First album since 2012 from the Heartless Bastards comes in a very limited (1,000 copies) indie-only vinyl verison on clear wax. Pre-order now by stopping in or calling the shop (608.259.1991).


The UK duo Psychemagik have carved out a special spot amongst the lively, friendly competitors in the obscure groove scene that thrives in the secondhand shops and flea markets of Europe. Magik Sunset makes three in the series of compilation mixes from the pair, and its just as chock full of impossibly good unheard tracks as the first two. A limpid groove and the prospects (or results) of a hangover are the basic constants that run through these songs, which range from soft rock, downer folk and funky blues, to smoky soul, slow disco, and reggae, from names like Greg Sonnleitner, Kathy Stack and P'Cock. Pulled from records only a few people in the world even knowingly own, and assembled together like a cabinet of curiosities, these tracks feed off of eachother like funky strains in a petri dish, highlighted all the more by the second disc here, which mixes the tracks into one long set. You'll want to crank the sun back and watch it go down again with this one.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
2CD $15.99

After making her name with a series of beguiling releases of unclassifiably dark solo music, Haley Fohr (nee Circuit des Yeux) assembles a band of like minded adventurers and snags her stake in the spotlight. Cave's Cooper Crain and recently-departed Madisonian Kathleen Baird of Spires join her here with a few other Chicagoans, on an album steeped in candle-lit drama that gives the latest output from Swans a solid run for its money in terms of fleet-footed, psychedelic anguish. Fohr croons and howls, echoing Patty Waters and "Janitor of Lunacy" era Nico, but her delivery is not foreboding. In Plain Speech may be a menacing cavern, but Fohr lights every step of the way, welcoming you into a place of solitude she has occupied for sometime now, walls flickering with cascading drums, shimmering guitar and peals of viola. It's an exhilarating trip down.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $14.99 / LP $18.99

The Pan label brings us the first results of an ongoing collaboration between several leading lights in the realm of adventurous electronics. The team here is headed up by Co La (aka Matt Papich, out of Baltimore) and Max D (who runs the Future Times label in DC) and they are joined in studio by Dawit Eklund, Jeremy Hyman and Motion Graphix. Additional solo recordings were submitted for overdubs from Jordan GCZ (of Juju & Jordash fame) and ambient mainstay Gigi Masin, from their homebases in Europe. The work of all these contributors creates a music that is arrestingly calm; no sign of too many cooks in the kitchen. The combination of live jam and studio engineering means Lifted is closer to a fusion record than a techno or new age album, one of the first of its kind for this generation of musicians. Appreciators of Co La and Max D's solo work will recognize the oddly-metered loops, vaporous horns, and twinkling synths that hang about these tracks, and Masin's tidal piano is unmistakable, but any given individual identity is subsumed here into something larger; it sounds like the wellspring of an underground aquifer untainted by any of the cliches or preconceived notions of what electronic music should be.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
LP $24.99

Depending on how you look at it, the music on Don't Think I've Forgotten is some of the saddest music you'll ever hear, or some of the most joyful. The set begins in the 1950s, when Cambodia's popular music scene was influenced by cabaret jazz and popular singers from the West like Johnny Hallyday. It concludes with the silent moment that ended all the music, the triumph of the Khmer Rouge, which saw Pol Pot exterminating Cambodia's creative class, including even its star musicians, and destroying just about all the records to prove it ever existed. This compilation is the companion to a just-released documentary telling the stories of these forgotten musicians, which I'm told is a must see. The music here covers a breathtaking range, from torchy jazz, to touching covers of Western pop (Pou Vennary's version of "You've Got A Friend" will bring you to your knees), to fired-up garage ramblers, to psychedelic rock. It's a miracle that recorded evidence of this music even exists, let alone that it is so intoxicatingly good. Must hear!
- Evan/Strictly Discs
CD $14.99



Pick up a two-track CD single at the shop for just two bucks and be the first to hear new music off the forthcoming Dawes release, All Your Favorite Bands. CD single contains coupon for $2 off the full length CD or LP out June 9th!


Pick up a two-track CD single featuring "Dead Inside" and "Psycho" at the shop for just two bucks and be the first to hear new music off the forthcoming Muse release, Drones. CD single contains coupon for $2 off the full length CD or LP out June 9th!


Our next MUSIC TRIVIA at the High Noon Saloon is JUNE 2nd! Registration starts at 5:30 with the first question at 6PM. Two for one happy hour at the High Noon Saloon...JOIN US!


We are working on some updates, if you encounter issues or need assistance, please email or phone the shop at 608.259.1991.


This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

It is hard to believe that Mr. Weller has been releasing records since 1976, first with the Jam, then the Style Council and since 1992 as a solo artist. "Saturns Pattern" is not as genre-hopping as some of his albums since 2008's "22 Dreams." There isa definite stylistic flavor on this new album. The style is a mixture of neo-soul, mixed with a dose of psychedelica that makes the majority of songs a swirly and dreamy treat. But this new music is not an exercise in nostalgia, but a potent and heady sound of the new century with a just about perfect sense of retro to keep the songs interesting. To my ears, "Saturns Pattern" is a smooth but pithy course on what a musician of years does to keep current and keep the musical ideas flowing. This a perfect album for those long summer nights, and the sometimes sensual nature of the songs may make one think of doing more than listening to music as the night continues on.
- Ted Talks

They released 5 fantastic albums in the 70s and 80s, disbanded for decades and then suddenly got back together in 2012. This is their 2nd album since their recent resurrection. "Three Chords Good" from 2012 was quickly recorded and utilized songs that Mr. Parker had stockpiled for a solo album. "Mystery Glue" is the first result of writing for a band of musical brothers, and the quality of the songs is certainly much stronger. Parker and the band slip back easily into their age old relationship and imbibe the songs with a style and groove that only they can master. That style has a bit more playfulness now, along with a little less anger than in the past. "Mystery Glue" is a much better album than "Three Chord Good" and is a bit more worthy of inclusion into their storied canon. Reunions don't have to be all crap.
- Ted Talks

Ron, Ryan, Angie, Ethan, Evan, Luke, Jimi, Zack, Justin, Matt & Luke R.