For a group that has always brimmed over with more musical ideas than any one ensemble should reasonably be blessed with, Tortoise have maintained such a measured approach to their recorded output that I had begun to doubt they would ever release another album. After shepherding the indie scene from the knowing, mid-fi angst and low-stakes smart rock of the 90s across a rubicon of jazz, funk and minimalism into a 21st century where just about any musical influence was ripe for the taking, the group released 2000's 'Standards', an album that firmly, playfully announced the group as flag bearers for a new era of possibility (right down to it's 'remixed American flag' cover). 15 years on, the band has finally delivered on the promise of that record. 'The Catastrophist' grew organically out of a series of themes the band was commissioned to write for an overview of Chicago jazz history, an interesting germ that, while not really audible in the finished project (to my ears), gives the album a restless, unpeggable nature that made their late 90s epics so endlessly rewarding. Lead single 'Gesceap' is the band at their heady best, a fleet-footed thoroughbred of a piece that winds unpredictably chiming synths around the group's signature double drum kit chug. 'Shake Hands With Danger' recalls the band's earliest experiments mutating gamelan with funk. 'Tesseract' blends sleek guitar with moog in a bit of a nod to Battles' nods to them. A head-scratching cover of David Essex's Bowie-esque psych glam jam "Rock On', featuring vocals (a Tortoise rarity) from Todd Rettman of US Maple infamy, puzzled me at first, but now makes perfect sense, as does Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo's vocal turn on the loungey 'Yonder Blue'. The Catastrophist is an album that's as bold as it is comfortable, unpredictable without seeming reckless, and is sure to sound absolutely cracking when the band hits town next month.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $14.99 / LP $19.99

It's only February, but it's gonna be tough to hunt down a house record with better drum tracks than this amazing double LP from Moomin. The German producer has dropped an uncountable number of great EPs over the last few years, occupying the comfy spot in between analog synth loops and jazzy house that has become the Smallville label's stock in trade, but he's saved up some real fire on A Minor Thought, a collection of eleven lively yet mellow groovers. Dotting each of his track with subtle piano loops and string or vocal samples, Moomin takes care to bathe each track here in a gleaming, ethereal haze thats narcotic enough to revive the dead. Lush, brightly funky stuff here to soundtrack a nice night in.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $15.99 / LP $23.99


Madlib Medicine Show is a series of album and mixtape releases by Madlib. This is the first time the Madlib Medicine Show “Brick” box set has been released on vinyl. The Brick contains seven albums with thirteen LPs, all of the originally-produced material by Madlib in the series. The set will be released on February 26th for $114.99 and is limited so pre-order in the shop or by phone at 608.259.1991.


How to Dance, the new album from Mount Moriah will be released on February 26th. We will have a limited number of the LP pressed on coke bottle clear vinyl. Pre-order now in the shop or by phone.

Heron Oblivion's debut album (including Strictly Discs' fave Meg Baird) will be released with a Sub Pop LOSER edition on clear vinyl with white swirl March 4th. Pre-order now in the shop or by phone.

More Rain, the new album from M Ward will be released on March 4th. We will have a limited number of the LP pressed on translucent red vinyl. Pre-order now in the shop or by phone.

Patch the Sky, the new album from Bob Mould will be released on March 25th. We will have a limited number of the LP pressed on clear vinyl. Pre-order now in the shop or by phone.

Eric Bachmann's new self-titled album will also be released on March 25th. We will have a limited number of the LP pressed on white vinyl. Pre-order now in the shop or by phone.




We've got 2 tickets for 1 lucky winner who will see Rayland Baxter at teh Frequency on February 13th for FREE. To enter, email with Baxter in the subject line and include your full name to be entered.


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This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

"Jet Plane and Oxbow" is this Texas band's tenth studio album since 2001. Shearwater is probably best known as an exquisite vehicle for Jonathan Meiburg's soaring and angelic vocals. Their last album in 2013 was a covers collection, and the last studio album was four years ago. That 2012 studio album was more of a quiet and subdued album than "Jet Plane and Oxbow." The band has amped up the music to a large degree on this album. The music is more direct and rock and roll than their previous albums. Some of their art-rockness has been lost, and that is a shame, but Shearwater shows a definite infinity for this new direction. And Mr. Meiburg's vocals still soar over the music. One can still get goose pimples hearing the vocals, but now you can dance to the rock and roll music too.
- Ted Talks

This is Aoife's second solo album and follow-up to 2013's fantastic "Fossils" . Those who run in folk circles may remember her from Crooked Still and Sometimes Why. The new album is a tribute to her grandfather who died in Ireland last year. Reflecting on her personal situation, Aoife has tried to blend Celtic music, American folk music derived from Irish/Scots music and modern songs that come from the folk tradition. I think that Aoife has really succeeded in her desire to create an individual sound out of her heritage and her favorite styles of music. Tucker Martine (Laura Viers and Decemberists producer) has the talent and ability to translate Aoife's vision to tape. This is at times an ethereal and swirly album that sucks the listener right into her unique sound. Initial copies come with a six track solo acoustic ep. The ep proves that she is a commanding force with just her acoustic guitar and voice. Aoife plays in Stoughton on March 31, if you want to see her play songs from this album in an intimate setting.
- Ted Talks

The Lost Band of the CBGB Era (1974-1979)" The title says it all. While Blondie, Talking Heads, Television and the Ramones may be fondly remembered from New York in the seventies, the Miami's' were a forgotten band from the same era. This new compilation of their recorded work brings their unique music to the fore. While all around them nihilism, alienation and punk rock ruled, the Miamis played sixties influenced power pop. The closest comparison from their NY compatriots may be the Ramones, but without the buzzsaw guitar and frantic pace. The Miamis played a much more relaxed music. Their refusal to follow the trends of their day probably doomed them to obscurity. But they did it their way and finally forty years later, we can hear them in a fresh light. Included on this 23 track album are 9 tracks recorded live at CBGB.
- Ted Talks


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