Do to the Beast - Afghan Whigs
Afghan Whigs
Do to the Beast
Love Without Fear - Dan Wilson
Dan Wilson
Love Without Fear
Tarpaper Sky - Rodney Crowell
Rodney Crowell
Tarpaper Sky
Illmatic XX - Nas
Illmatic XX
Decisions - Rush,Bobby / Blinddog Smokin
Rush,Bobby / Blinddog Smokin



Beginning in 2007 with the simple idea to pick a day to celebrate independent record stores, Record Store Day (RSD) has grown into something much more. Yes, the list of amazing LPs and CDs available only on that day has grown to fantastic lengths (and is even longer this year), and more and more labels are participating, releasing an ever more diverse slate of music. Above all that, Record Store Day itself has become an event where music-minded people connect with and energize their community.


It's true, on Record Store Day there's typically a line outside the shop all morning, just as there is at hundreds of other local shops across the country (and the world). But walk through this line, and you'll find ardent music fans of every stripe: young, old, male, female, seasoned pro and beginners. The line has come to symbolize the size, passion and staying power of both the physical music audience and the locally-oriented music community. Amidst the RSD crowds, we've seen musicians discussing upcoming gigs and tours, knowledgeable jazz heads giving high schoolers tips on the essentials, people meeting up for the first time "in real life" or for the first time in a decade, parents buying their kids their first new LPs, or better yet, a huge stack of 99 centers.


With all of the hubbub about "The Line" each year at Record Store Day, we thought it would be nice to remind everyone that your RSD experience doesn't just boil down to how early you line up. Each year, we've gotten better and better at targeting the items that are the most in-demand, so that we have as many copies as possible to go around, and also ensuring that we have the broadest selection of everything that's available. In short, we want to make sure that whether youre busting down the door at 7 am, or rolling in by the end of the day, you're still looking at quite the spread. In some degree, this day is about our regular customers, for whom just about every day is Record Store Day, and we want you to know you are welcome to stop through any time. Enjoy the digs, the beers, the sounds of the local DJs, and just hang out!


Record Store Day isn't just about the exclusive releases. In addition to hauling all of those in, we've been working hard to beef up our regular inventory of new & used vinyl AND CDs, which is better than ever. You may notice some sections moved around upstairs, so just ask if you can't find something. And remember, there's no need to wait in line to shop the upper floor of the store. Record Store Day is an opportunity to showcase all the different things we do here, and we can't wait to get the doors open!


The morning will get started right, courtesy of our friends at Barriques...400 slices of chili-rubbed, half-dipped in chocolate bacon will be making their way down the line for hungry carnivores...things just keep lookin' up! Plus, continuing the tradition, Crescendo Coffee will be serving coffee in front of the shop in the morning!


There's no better figure than Public Enemy's Chuck D to bring this message as this year's Record Store Day Ambassador. His long and awesome career is testament to the nurturing culture that local record stores provide. Here's Chuck: "I don't go one single day without emphasizing that the genre of hip-hop is spawned from DJ culture. The founding members of Public Enemy were, and still are, DJs. The tool and fuel for DJs has forever been recordings. And where these recordings have long connected, with pros and fans alike, has simply been The Record Store, the connection point of listener and the recording."

We look forward to celebrating a 7th Record Store Day with you. It oughta be the best one yet!



Wish-lists will be updated this week online. If you are not going to be in the shop on Apirl 19th, please let us know by emailing

And please note, RSD releases are not eligible for discounts or other promotions.


We are officially closed but will be there working so if you want to pick up a RSD release, please call us at 608.259.9179 or text 608.217.5082 - we'll be happy to help you!


It’s that time of year again when the Great Dane collaborates with Strictly Discs to brew a beer in celebration of Record Store Day. Embracing the sprit of Record Store Day the Great Dane Hilldale is releasing Laurel Canyon West Coast Pale Ale!

Laurel Canyon Pale Ale is named after a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills. Throughout the sixties this area was home to rock and roll’s most beloved stars, including Jim Morrison, The Byrds, Love, Frank Zappa, and Buffalo Springfield. It was here that Graham Nash wrote “Our House” for Joni Mitchell, his then lover. Joni Mitchell also left her musical mark on the neighborhood by titling her third album “Ladies of the Canyon”. This years offering is fittingly a West Coast Pale Ale. This style is heavy on the hops and low on the specialty malts. This style tends to be very pale and is often strong in alcohol and hop character. Laurel Canyon uses both Ahtanum and Simcoe hops to construct a spicy hop profile resplendent with citrusy, fruity and herbal flavors and aroma. 6.2% alc/vol cheers!


A percentage of proceeds from the sale of this beer supports Madison Music Makers, a local- non-profit organization enriching the lives of low-income children, supporting the long-term development of music performance skills and higher education goals. Cheers! (Available at the Great Dane Hilldale)
Madison's DEEPEST stock of Record Store Day Items


7AM on Saturday April 19

As you know, Record Store Day is a day crammed full of records, so naturally we've got a schedule crammed full of entertainment for your listening and imbibing enjoyment as you browse all of the many new arrivals. We'll have DJs from both of our cherished local stations, WSUM and WORT, and more:

7-9 - DJ Renton, WSUM
9-11 - DJ Wiki Ben, WSUM
11-1 - Nate Zukas, Great Dane
1-2 - Dave 3000, Kosmik Radiation, WORT
2-3 - Cardinal Din, Feed Me Weird Things!, WORT
3-4 - Bad Sister Heidi - Psychoacoustics, WORT
4-5 - Luke Mosling, Porter Records
5-6 - Evan Woodward, Strictly Discs


Loaded grab bags (while supplies last) FREE with every RSD purchase


Enter to win AWESOME prizes, including:

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Black Turntable, courtesy of The High Noon Saloon:

Pro-Ject Essential Turntable, courtesy of Pizza Brutta:

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Green Turntable, courtesy of The Great Dane:

Pro-Ject Essential Turntable, courtesy of Barriques:

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Yellow Turntable, courtesy of Majestic Theatre:

This turntable has graced the Majestic's green room for the months of February & March and has been signed by all of their artists! This piece of Madison Music History could be yours!

Pro-Ject Essential Turntable, courtesy of Brasserie V:

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Black Turntable, courtesy of Context Clothing:

Beauty & Barber Prize Pack, courtesy of Cha Cha Beauty & Barber:

PLUS dozens of PRIZE PACKS including autographed lithographs/CD&LPs

Crescendo Coffee
will be serving coffee in front of the shop in the morning & Banzo will be here to make sure you do not go hungry!




Orcas is the fortuitous pairing of folktronic auteurs Benoit Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irrisarri. Pioulard has a number of exquisite albums on the Kranky label, and Irrisarri is known for his dubby ambient work as A Sight Below (though he also has some engimatic, Eno's Apollo-style piano work under his own name). Their second album displays the strengths of both artists: Pioulard's ghostly, pitch-perfect vocal pop refracts New Romanticism through a technicolor echo chamber, while Irrisarri summons depthless chasms of outwardly-emanating reverb textures. Yearling is like watching a colorful, yet solemn parade threatened by a horizon-enveloping storm cloud, and it lingers poised between these two thematic extremes over the course of a fine album.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $14.99 / LP $18.99

It's hard to read an article about Mac DeMarco without seeing the word “slacker,” the truth is he is anything but. The Edmonton born 23 year old has gotten rave reviews, sold out large venues and made a couple of solid records while touring constantly. His production features swirling synth beds and out of tune, reverb drenched guitars that drift in and out. It is reminiscent of bands like Grizzly Bear and Real Estate. DeMarco's career exploded after his last release and many expected Salad Days would suffer as a result. The truth is that he hasn't lost any of his integrity and Salad Days is the best release of his career thusfar. If you like pop lightly peppered with psych, make sure you don't miss this one.
- Marty / Strictly Discs
CD $14.99 / LP $18.99

This collection of 12 songs combines two EPs previously released in Barnett’s native Australia. She downplays the material, stating they are merely practice for her forthcoming and first “real” album. Arguably however, these songs already position Barnett among the crop of bright young songwriters. Barnett’s whimsically self-effacing stories and slacker chic observations are sung stream of conscious-style and delightfully without filter. These are charming tales of the mundane, crude and crazy expertly spun by a rising star.
- Angie / Strictly Discs
CD $13.99 / LP $19.99

After helping found the Incredible String Band and a brief sojourn in India, Clive Palmer started C.O.B. (or Clive's Own Band) in 1971, for two albums of time-rending music that merged mournful British folk with Eastern sounds and melodies, with slightly Rasta subject matter drawn from the Old Testament. The group conjures a delirious middle ground between a Scottish hillside and a late-night nyahbinghi drum circle. Moyshe McStiff is the second COB album, reissued here on LP with a CD of the album and seven bonus tracks. One of my favorite albums ever, it is ambitious and fluid, ranging from torrid balladry, to solipsistic ur-drone, to jug band-style wigouts across masterful instrumentation and the bold, intoxicating vocal wails of Clive and keyboardist Mick Bennett. Essential stuff.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
LP w/CD $24.99

I know it's cliche to use the phrase "life-changing" when it comes to music, but the AAFM really was that for me when I first heard it - it made a lot of what I had heard before that point sound really pathetic in comparison. Although these recordings, made mostly in the 1920s, may be somewhat outdated today in terms of style and subject matter, they uniformly possess an uncanny emotional directness and joyous nonchalance that, ideally, should still be relevant. Compiled and expertly sequenced by filmmaker, ethnographer, and all-around cosmic joker Harry Smith, these volumes represent the definitive survey of early American folk music. I'm personally most into the Appalachian banjo players featured throughout all three volumes (Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Buell Kazee, Dock Boggs), but with blues, Cajun, black gospel, dance tunes, shape note singing, etc. all present as well, it's hard to imagine anybody hearing these and not finding something they love. Beyond the pure, visceral pleasure these records provide, they're also very historically significant: they lead to the rediscovery of such legends as Mississippi John Hurt, Clarence Ashley, and Sleepy John Estes, and provided a career blueprint for Bob Dylan, the Holy Modal Rounders, the Lovin' Spoonful, and countless other 60s heavyweights. Mississippi has done a great job with these reissues - the sound is clear and punchy, and the original heavyweight sleeves and highly informative booklet have been faithfully reproduced. In a perfect world, every American would be issued a set of these along with their Social Security card.
- Clay / Strictly Discs
Four 2LP volumes $37.99 each

With the opening seconds of “All Kinds Of You,” Ryley Walker's first full length album, the Chicagoan immediately takes you on a journey to the UK in the 1960's. Flutes and shakey strings sway along with his acoustic guitar bringing to mind artists like Bert Jansch, Nick Drake and Dando Shaft. The Jansch connection is even more apparent when he sings. Several instrumentals on the album also bring to mind William Tyler's excellent release from last year. Though it is reminiscent of many, Walker still has a unique voice that should not be missed. If “All Kinds Of You” was released in 1968 it would already be hailed a classic, for now you'll just have to give it time and many listens.
- Marty / Strictly Discs
CD $13.99 / LP $17.99

It's been many, many years since we've seen a proper album from the folk-noise project Amps For Christ, and Canyons Cars & Crows delivers significantly on the long wait. Amps For Christ is a unique American species of band, maybe the only one of its kind. The work of Californian Henry Barnes, picked up in the mid-90s after the splintering of his groundbreaking hardcore band Man is the Bastard, AFC represents a diffuse, organic flowering in a thrashed post-apocalyptic landscape. Barnes explores rustic American folk tropes, Nico-style Edwardian gloom, and modified Eastern scales, all filtered through the punk grit of his homemade pickups and amplifiers. That he has been making this music for close to two decades now, with only some small edition releases and little acclaim to show for it, points to the gimmick-free point of entry to the Amps For Christ sound; it is only for the truly adventurous. An album full of majestic triumphs from a veteran sound tinkerer.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $14.99 / LP $17.99

THIS WEEK'S JUKEBOX - featuring selections from our New & Noteworthy Picks:



Free CD single with pre-order


Death - Death III CD/LP
Kelis - Food CD/LP
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's - Slingshot to Heaven CD/LP
The Whigs - Modern Creation CD/LP
Future - Honest CD
Thee Oh Sees - Drop CD/LP
Keb Mo - Bluesamericana CD
V/A - Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina 2CD
Fear of Men - Loom CD/LP
Heterotic - Weird Drift CD/LP
Black Prairie - Fortune CD
Ed Schrader's Music Beat - Party Jail CD/LP
Kode9 & the Spaceape - Memories of the Future 2LP
Menzingers - Rented World CD/LP
Purling Hiss - Dizzy Polizzy LP
Red Krayola - Hazel, Coconut Hotel and Singles LP reissues
TEEN - Way & Color CD/LP
Kassem Mosse - Workshop 19 2LP
Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage LP reissue
Cannonball Adderley - Somethin Else LP reissue
Ornette Coleman - At the "Golden Circle", Stockholm Vol 1 LP reissue
Dexter Gordon - Our Man In Paris LP reissue

Chad VanGaalen - Shrink Dust CD/LP
Wovenhand - Refractory Obdurate CD/LP
Wye Oak - Shriek CD/LP
Larry Heard - Alien CD/LP
Fennesz - Bécs CD/LP
Chris Robinson - Phosphorescent Harvest CD/LP
The Pearlfishers - Open Up Your Coloring Book CD/LP
Mark E - Product of Industry CD/LP
Damon Albarn - Everyday Roots CD/LP
Danny Brown - Hot Soup 2LP+7"
Ex-Cult - Midnight Passenger CD/LP
Brett Naucke - Seed LP
Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger - Midnight Sun CD/LP
My Morning Jacket - At Dawn and Tennessee Fire LP reissues
Pink Mountaintops - Get Back CD/LP
The Pixies - Indie Cindy CD/LP
Survival Knife - Loose Power CD/LP
William Tyler - Lost Colony 12"
Unrest - Malcolm X Park and Kustom Karnal Blackxploitation CD reissues

MAY 6:
Ray Lamontagne - Supernova CD/LP
Tune-Yards - Nikki-Nack CD/LP
Lily Allen - Sheezus CD
Atmosphere - Southsiders CD/LP
Badbadnotgood - III CD/LP
The Cramps - Flamejob LP reissue
Fatima Al Qadiri - Asiatisch CD/LP
Eno & Hyde - Someday World CD/2CD/2LP
Liam Finn - Nihilist 2LP+CD
Fujiya & Miyagi - Artificial Sweeteners LP+CD
Hamilton Leithauser - Black Hours CD/LP
Lykke Li - I Never Learn CD/LP
Punk 45: Vol. 3, Proto-Punk 1970-77 2LP2LP
Silkworm - Libertine 2LP+CD
Le1f - Hey EP
V/A - Bleep: 10 CD/LP

MAY 13:
Black Keys - Turn Blue CD/LP
Donato Dozzy - Dimensions EP
Choubi Choubi: Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq Vol. 1 LP repress
Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband CD/LP
Chromeo - White Women CD/LP
Clientele - Suburban Light 2CD/LP w/CD
Alice Coltrane - A Monastic Trio LP reissue
Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Days of Abandon CD/LP
Mirah - Changing Light CD/LP
Hiss Tracts - Shortwave Nights CD/LP
Ned Doheny - Separate Oceans CD/LP
La Sera - Hour of the Dawn CD/LP
Kishi Bashi - Lighght CD/LP
Swans - Burning World LP reissue
Swans - To Be Kind 2CD/3LP
Watery Love - Decorative Feeding CD/LP
Guided by Voices - Cool Planet CD/LP
K. Leimer - A Period of Review CD/LP
Tobacco - Ultima II Massage CD/LP


Sub Pop LOSER Edition on WHITE VINYL - 2xLP 45RPM 180GRAM vinyl with gatefold sleeve, custom dust sleeves and 16-page booklet. Available for pre-order now (in the shop or by phone).


Sub Pop LOSER Edition features a booklet with Chad's drawings. Available for pre-order now (in the shop or by phone).


Join us Tuesday, April 22nd at the High Noon Saloon for MUSIC TRIVIA. Registration starts at 5:30 with the first question at 6PM. Two for one happy hour at the High Noon the date!


Pre-order or purchase the new Cloud Nothings - Here and Nowhere Else CD or LP (April 1 release) and be entered to win 2 tickets to their show + the opportunity to have your copy autographed by the band when they play the High Noon Saloon on Friday, May 2. All LP purchases will also receive a Cloud Nothings slipmat FREE, while supplies last.


Anyone who's peeped our used jazz CD section lately has noticed a gradual arrival of quality titles. This weekend get ready for the avalanche. We've finally finished prepping a few gargantuan collections and these new items are ready for the floor.

Lots of great small-group offerings from the 50s and 60s, with a particular emphasis on the Riverside, Blue Note and Verve labels, along with a significant cross-section of non-shmaltzy big band. Think Ellington, Lunceford and Basie instead of the Glenn Millers. As much as we love seeing a whole heap of Davis and Getz coming into the racks, this infusion is concentrated on the players we don't see represented here all that regularly. Don't miss this one. It's bound to be picked over quickly, though there's plenty to keep a whole grip of listeners satisfied.

The Blues titles are deep and strong with post war, Chicago, Delta, Piedmont, West Coast, Texas, acoustic & electric! Get them while they last. Sale runs Friday, April 25 - Sunday, April 27.


We are working on some updates, if you encounter issues or need assistance, please email or phone the shop at 608.259.1991.


This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

This is the Woods' 7th album. At the beginning, the Woods' albums were low-keyed acoustic affairs, almost freak folk. The last few albums have become more "pop", at times folk-rock. "With Light and With Love" is their most pop to date. Not only is there folk-rock, there is also power pop. At the same time, there are many psychedelic elements in the songs. It seems a strange dichotomy, but it works. This album is their most happy, their most trippy and their most enjoyable.
- Ted Talks

Gordon Downie is almost a superstar in Canada. He is the lead singer in the Tragically Hip, which is one of Canada's favorite rock bands. The Sadies are also Canadian. They started out as a roots rock band, but their last couple of albums have been increasingly psychedelic. Both the Tragically Hip and the Sadies have been playing shows together for many years north of the border. Gordon and the boys from the Sadies decided to do an album together, and they have been working on it since 2007. The Sadies back Downie's wordy, introspective songs with chugging roots rock. The Sadies play a more meat and potatoes sound than they have in the past several years. The total sound owes more to the Tragically Hip side of the spectrum than to the Sadies side. Regardless of who influenced who the most, the results are impressive. I have seen both the Sadies and the Tragically Hip live, and both are dynamic and unique performers. They have certainly brought those qualities to this collaborative effort.
- Ted Talks

The second album from this indie rock super group. You may remember that the first had a take off of the Roxy Music "Country Life" cover. The band consists of two members of Cobra Verde, one member of Witch and J. Mascis on drums and guitar. Mark Lanegan and Bob Pollard make guest appearances on the album too. With a pedigree like that one would wonder what it would sound like? It is power pop of the highest order. With J. Mascis style guitar thrown over the top. There is just a hint of glam rock thrown into the mix at times. Hence the album title, though the title is a bit tongue in cheek. Obviously a power pop fan will have to pick this up, but fans of the band members' other groups should also rush to get this album too.
- Ted Talks

This is something that a lot of people have been waiting for. No fan would have thought they would ever hear a new album from the Whigs. Their last album came out in 1998, though the band did record 2 new cuts for a 2007 retrospective. These new cuts are much better than those cuts from 7 years ago. The Whigs fan wants to know how good the new one is. It seems that the band put a lot of time and effort into making this album as good as possible. I would say that some of the songs are as good as the stuff on "Congregation" and "Gentlemen." Yep, it is that good. The material is both similar and different than the classic era material. It is very dark and very dense, but sexy and slinky at the same time. It is both claustrophobic and airy at the same time. It seems to be counter intuitive that a band has made an album as good as the classic albums that they put out 20 years ago. It seems that the Afghan Whigs are one of very few who could pull it off.
- Ted Talks


Ron, Ryan, Evan, Angie, Marty, Ethan & Clay