Chasing Yesterday - Noel ( High Flying Birds ) Gallagher
Noel ( High Flying Birds ) Gallagher
Chasing Yesterday
Aureate Gloom - Of Montreal
Of Montreal
Aureate Gloom
Summoning Suns - James Blackshaw
James Blackshaw
Summoning Suns
Hand Cannot Erase - Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson
Hand Cannot Erase
Another Eternity - Purity Ring
Purity Ring
Another Eternity
Shadow of the Sun - Moon Duo
Moon Duo
Shadow of the Sun



Just in time for the rising mercury, we've got a hot slate of 500+ fresh used vinyl arrivals hitting the floor today! As with last week's collection, this batch goes deep into the catalogues of some of your (and our) favorite musicians ever. Get ready to see some titles you've never seen by bands you love.

Just about the entire 70s and 80s output of Neil Young is here. Over a dozen Velvet Underground LPs, including some classic albums, live records, and rare boots. Lots of early albums from Yes, ZZ Top, and Genesis. Several of the must-own Frank Zappa LPs. Essentials from Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, The Zombies, Grateful Dead and Tom Waits.

Full catalog runs from the Yardbirds, Violent Femmes, Van Der Graaf Generator, Devo and Donovan. Several Nina Simone LPs, plus numerous Etta James, Bonnie Raitt and Irma Thomas records.

We top it off with the usual sprinklings of rarities, oddities and collectors items, with hardly-seen LPs from the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, a nice copy of Miles Davis' On The Corner, the Edgar Broughton Band, Burundi Black, Arthur Brown and Ultimate Spinach. Cant forget Ultimate Spinach.

It's another eye-popping spread hitting the floor and just skims the surface of a very large, private collection from a longtime, midwestern general manager/record store owner whose collection dates from the 1960s to the 2000s (much more to come in the upcoming weeks and months). This week's batch is out now though...swing through this weekend!



Originally appeared as a 10" LP in the U.S., although it was recorded in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. It features Jutta Hipp leading an all-German quintet through a session consisting mostly of American standards, including "Variations," an enjoyable group improvisation based on the chord changes to "Tea for Two." Alto saxophonist Emil Mangelsdorff has a soft, dry tone comparable to Paul Desmond, most noticeable in "Ghost of a Chance." Tenor saxophonist Jaki Freund's "Cleopatra"'s sound could easily be mistaken for West Coast jazz. Hipp is joined by the rhythm section only for the intriguing fugue-like treatment of "What's New" and a brisk run through "Don't Worry 'Bout Me." She also wrote "Mon Petit," which has superb interplay between the two saxophonists. This reissue is labeled as part of the RVG series, though legendary recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder's name is never specifically listed in English anywhere in the packaging, he evidently did the remastering. Long out of print on LP and now reissued. Pre-order now.


The first album from the Dutch electronic artist Kai Hugo under the Palmbomen II moniker has one of the stranger looking tracklistings in memory. "Lorraine Kelleher", "Carina Sayles", "Leo Danzinger", "Vic Trevino"? If they are notable artistic or musical figures honored by Hugo, none really ring a bell. Childhood friends, perhaps? Nope. These are bit characters from The X-Files, which Hugo binge-watched while holed up at his mother's house one summer, methodically constructing this album at the same time. The music on Palmbomen II, fourteen tracks of limitless, loopy techno-psych, isn't exactly a soundtrack to the show, but it does quite accurately capture its eerie, unplaceable chill. Hugo programmed these tracks live to tape with sequencers and synths aplenty, conjuring a suite of songs that often lack any clear beginning or end, looping upon themselves like a sonic tautology, revealing hidden melodies like truths emerging from a chaotic stream of information. It's an immensely rewarding album that dabbles in machine house, glistening new age and ethereal Detroit techno, while staying far, far afield of any exact genre. There is a de-tracked VHS tape feel here that alienates these songs from standard ambient club music, and pairs well with the subtle mysteries faced down by Mulder and Scully. The truth may still be out there, but there's a couple handfuls of it on this record.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
CD $13.99 / LP $23.99

Two of the best contemporary practitioners of the American Primitive Style have graced us with yet another exquisite session of tantric Appalachian folk. Steve Gunn and the Twigs (a loose collective that includes banjo players Nathan Bowles and Mike Gangloff, fiddle player Sally Anne Morgan, and mouth harpist Isak Howell) create an ecstatic, imaginative take on the folk holler, with Gunn's guitar merging righteously with the din of not-so-dueling banjos. Gangloff, Morgan and Gunn trade vocal duties in a group that proudly sits in the round, modestly eschewing frontman and ego. In a world that sometimes feels like its accelerating at a bit too hectic a rate, Seasonal Hire is the stick in the spokes, displaying music that has evolved at a molasses pace as generations have turned to it for peace and rejuvenation. More lovely stuff from a far-flung collective of musicians we cant get enough of.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
CD $14.99 / LP $19.99

At last, one of the most singularly unique musical efforts to come out of Ghana and Africa at large will get it's proper due. Ata Kak's Obaa Sima, originally released in 1994 in Ghana and Canada in a microscopic run of cassettes, is a miraculous blend of highlife guitar, Twi-language rap, joyous disco-funk, and early 90s Chicago hip-house. It could serve as this planet's lone cultural transmission to another planet, alongside the Goldberg Variations maybe. When tape-obsessed Brian Shimkovitz first began the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog that later morphed into a label, Obaa Sima was his introductory post. He spent the next decade or so searching for Ata Kak, hoping for his blessing to re-release this album to a much wider audience. In 2013, he found him in Canada, and now we have it!a
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $13.99 / LP $18.99

Timmy: Hey God, it's me, Timmy. I've been feeling a little down lately... you know its still February and I'm really sick of the cold weather and dirty snow piled-up on the side of the street. It's a real bummer.
God: I know, tell me about it. And speaking of bummers, don't forget about ISIS and that vladimir putin. God, I hate that guy, I'm so upset I'm now talking in the 1st person.
Timmy: What can I do to lift my spirits???
God: Well, you could go down to Strictly Discs and pick up the new reissue of Lloyd McNeill's ?"Tanner Suite".
Timmy: Who the heck is that?
God: He's an old school underground Jazz dude who put out some amazing private press releases back in the day. Tanner Suite is a wonderfully peaceful and enlightening duo of McNeill on flute and Marshall Hawkins on bass. Very meditative and nurturing for a soul that is a little down in the dumps, like yourself. Also the reissue is about $200 less than an original copy so not only is it good for your soul, it's also good for your wallet.
Timmy: WOW, that sounds like exactly what I need. I'm going to buy two copies, one for each ear. Thanks God!
God: Youre welcome Timmy.
- Luke (the prophet)/Strictly Discs
CD $15.99 / LP $22.99




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This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

The Best of the Wilko Johnson Years (1974-1977) Wilko Johnson was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013, and he has beaten the odds and is still with us. I don't know for how much longer though. Wilko was the lead guitarist during the best years of Dr. Feelgood. The band was led by his hyperactive lead/rhythm (at the same time) playing. The band played a furious in- your- face take on American Rhythm and Blues with the emphasis on both Rhythm and Blues. Dr. Feelgood is probably one of the best bands that most Americans never heard off. But if you ever heard them, you will certainly remember their sound and have a fondness in your heart for them. In the UK they were one of the bands that kicked open the door for punk to walk through. This album certainly highlights the cream of the 4 albums that they did with Wilko. A must for any serious R&B aficionado and for those interested in great but obscure 70s music.
- Ted Talks

This is the second album from this LA based artist. Ms. Green takes the sound of early 90s artists like Liz Phair, the Muffs and Juliana Hatfield as the lynch pin of her sound and marries that to her own confessional lyrics. The darnedest thing is that it really works and is quite engaging.. Taking musicians from Jeff The Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet gives the music a bit more grit than her 90s influences. "I Want to Grow Up" is a bold statement from an intriguing new artist.
- Ted Talks

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