Dick's Picks 5: Oakland Auditorium Arena 12/26/79 - Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead
Dick's Picks 5: Oakland Auditorium Arena 12/26/79
Monsanto Years - Young,Neil / Promise of the Real
Young,Neil / Promise of the Real
Monsanto Years
Broken Into Better Shape - Good Old War
Good Old War
Broken Into Better Shape
Freedom - Refused
State of Gold - Matt Pond Pa
Matt Pond Pa
State of Gold
Archive - 311
Don't Just Sing / An Anthology: 1963-1999 - Karin Krog
Karin Krog
Don't Just Sing / An Anthology: 1963-1999



Join us Saturday, July 11th for a rare treat, a special SOLO in-store with slide guitar and blues-master, Sonny Landreth. Landreth will also be signing copies of his new CD and LP. Join us at 4PM!


New CD/LP coming from perennial favorites, Beach House - entitled Depression Cherry and dropping August 28th. Limited-edition LOSER edition on clear vinyl, available for pre-order now in the shop and by phone (608.259.1991).


Spring is turning to summer, and its time to pursue new relationships or, in the case of Samo Sound Boy, to reflect on one that has run its course. Begging Please is an emotionally cathartic album of vibrant 21st century soul disguised as sampladelic house. While chronologically charting a budding, burning, then spent love affair, the LP isn't just one big peak and trough. The album peaks with its title track, a longing movement of bright keys that evokes blind resilience as it churns and swirls. As founder of the LA label Body High, Samo Sound Boy has revitalized the West Coast house scene with a shiny patina, and this LP is a stunning example. Also finally in stock, the Body High LP from Dj Dodger Stadium, which made plenty of lists last year.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
LP $21.99

The curious reissue label Sol Re Sol brings us the 3rd LP from a forgotten Brazilian musician, the unassumingly named Sidney Miller. Miller's career never really took off, despite writing tunes for Gal Costa and Caetano Veloso, which is a big shame based on what's on display here. Miller had a flair for the bossa-informed pop that made the aforementioned names big stars on the international stage, but there's a chilly coolness afoot here that reminds me a lot of Donovan, the Kinks, or the Zombies, and makes this LP a fit for just about any mood. Though not as orchestral in scope, there is a kinship to the 1974 eponymous LP from Arthur Verocai, a doleful innocence suitable to late nights and sunny mornings alike. Also in stock from Sol Re Sol, the Brazilian trad-folk-prog of Alceu Valenca's 1974 LP Molhado De Suor, and a slew of other crucial 70s Brazilian LPs.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
LP $19.99

With this epic, knotty release for Honest Jon's, the UK outpost where nearly every style of music (from calypso, afrobeat and mento, to dub techno, torchy reggae and shangaan electro) finds a common club context, the Finnish producer DJ Sotofett throws open the blinds on the vast underground network that informs the most exciting dance music being made today. Sotofett is a mobile artist; portions of this collection were made with contributors in Berlin, NYC and Paris, and the result sounds like music as a vapor rising off of the upper atmosphere, untraceable to any specific location or scene. The first LP heavily features the guitar of Jaakko Eino Kalevi (who's solo album reviewed last week is also a cant-miss), moseying into view like a fog-framed sleepwalker on Ibiza Dub before accelerating into the twitchy shuffle of the Main Bar Mix, it's noodling drift informing the infectious casual groove of the entire album to come. The B-side, featuring the Berliner Lauer, accrues ticking detritus like a unmanned streetsweeper chugging across a nodding 4/4 house beat that doesn't so much climax as invite you to stay in it forever. On the second LP, Sotofett ventures even farther with two very different versions of a track called Nondo, a minimal masterpiece of skittish marimba, thumping drums and the entrancing vocals of Maimouna Haugen. We've never heard anything like these tracks, an impossible blend of tribal house, Villalobos and Reich. The D side closes us out with a reprise of one of Sotofett's most heralded tracks, 2012's Pulehouse, renamed here as the Drippin For 97 Mix, that sees the Finn teaming up with Versatile label head Gilb'r for a junglish percussion freakout bathed in sweeping, celestial chords and what sounds like a chorus of insects. There's a lot to take in here; the track naming conventions, the endless contributors, and the album's overall bonkers design are all pretty inscrutable, adding another layer of artful remove that gives one the impression that they're being overtaken by a horde of scruffy deep house ruffians. A couple listens will clear that right up. Top ten of the year for sure right here.
- Evan/Strictly Discs
2LP $21.99



Our next MUSIC TRIVIA at the High Noon Saloon is Tuesday, July 20th. Registration starts at 5:30 with the first question at 6PM. Two for one happy hour at the High Noon Saloon...JOIN US!


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This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

This is Neil's 36th album and his first with Los Angeles band Promise of the Real. That band includes Micah and Lukas Nelson, sons of Willie Nelson. But don't think that this is a country album. "Monsanto Years' is a concept album, that is strongly against the agricultural conglomerate and frankly against all corporations taking over the soul of America. Neil, however, doesn't let the concept get in the way of the flow of the album and quality of the songs. "Monsanto" is a very Crazy Horse album, with lots of snaky electric guitars weaving their way throughout the album. I think that rocking Neil is probably the best Neil. "Monsanto" is probably his best album since "Americana" back in 2012. And Promise of the Real is a surprise too. They more than hold their own with Neil. And that must be somewhat of an honor for any band. And it is interesting to see Neil still take musical and lyrical changes as he approaches his 7th decade here on earth.
- Ted Talks

One of the problems with a lot of neo-soul singers and groups is that the songs just aren't as good as the classic soul performers of the 60s. That isn't a problem with Leon Bridges. "Coming Home" is this Texas singer's first album and really came out of nowhere. The style and sound of the album is satisfying retro, and the songs are quite strong. You will remember these cuts long after the album is over. And that is the strength of an artist that isn't just a style, but an artist with substance.
- Ted Talks

This is an expanded version of their 2005 debut. In celebrating the 10 year anniversary they have seen fit to include a bonus disc which includes 2005's "Druganaut" EP with demos and live radio cuts. They also remastered the album proper. Quite a package for a band that hasn't released a new studio album since 2010, and whose last release was a motion picture soundtrack in 2012. Back in 05 this album was greeted with hosannas and genuflecting. How has the intervening 10 years treated the album? Remarkably well. The band's heady amalgamation of Zeppelin, Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Neil Young, Queens of the Stone Age, stoner rock and 60s hippie pop has aged rather well. The problem is what does a band do now to compete with some of their best work from 10 years ago. Black Mountain recently finished recording a new album that will probably be released sometime later this year. We shall see when the time comes.
- Ted Talks

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