Depression Cherry - Beach House
Beach House
Depression Cherry
Stuff Like That There - Yo la Tengo
Yo la Tengo
Stuff Like That There
What Went Down - Foals
What Went Down
Poison Season - Destroyer
Poison Season
Turkey - Mike Krol
Mike Krol
Cranekiss - Tamaryn
Beauty Behind the Madness - Weeknd
Beauty Behind the Madness



As we move into a busy fall release schedule with the first big release date of the season, we have a truly complementary selection of fresh used vinyl (600+ LPs) arrivals hitting the floor. It's one of the more dazzling selections of collectible and common classics we've had to unveil this year.

We've got a whole slew of first pressings, sealed LPs and clean early presses of some crucial records. Neil Young, Steely Dan, Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Paul Simon, and more in this category.

We've got some crazy deep runs of classic and obscure titles in the catalogs of names like Cream, Robyn Hitchcock, Country Joe and the Fish, Thin Lizzy, Tangerine Dream (including Electronic Meditation), Roy Orbison, U2, The Clash, Lee Hazlewood, George Harrison, Lennon and Ono, Tommy James & the Shondells, XTC, Steely Dan, Robyn Hitchcock, Elvis Costello, and the Jam.

An eye-popping selection of OG press 80s new wave and post punk is in this week, with a bunch of must-owns from Wire, the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Buzzcocks, the Soft Boys, the Feelies, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, New Order, Cocteau Twins, the Smiths, Felt, The Sound, and more. Lay on the eyeliner and have a dig.

On top of all that, we've got the usual random assortment of cool LPs from folks like Aretha Franklin, the Temptations, Taj Mahal, David Bowie, ELO, Traffic, Jimmy Page and more. Rare and collectible things from Cowboy Junkies, Josefus, the Vinyl Films box set, the Pretty in Pink Sdtk, Screaming Trees and Tame Impala. Some newer pressings from names like Jim Ford, Talking Heads, Lee Scratch Perry, Ratatat and Zappa.

It rounds out a pretty exciting day for new records! We can't keep all these things, come take them! And enjoy the donuts we've got for you along with the great new records from Beach House, Destroyer, the Foals, Mike Krol and more!


We're excited to be hosting an in-store performance and signing from Mike Krol on Friday, September 4 at 6PM in our basement! Mike has ties to Madison with a new album, 'Turkey' out on Merge Records on August 28.

“Mike Krol is garage rock’s underdog that everyone will want to root for—they just don’t know it yet.” — Stereogum

Mark your calendars and RSVP HERE:


I have very little to go with on Keith Mlevhu aside from youtube comments, but from what I can gather, he was a Zambian guitar star in the late 1970s alongside names that have garnered much more acclaim since then, like Paul Ngozi, Witch and Amanaz. The songs on this collection - drawn from two LPs, '76's Banafimbusa and 78's Love and Freedom - put him right up there with those greats. Mlevhu has a blazing guitar style indebted to Hendrix and Mayall, with a rhythm section keeping things light and poppy. Aside from these rippers, the most alluring songs on this set take on a breezier, traditional feel, merging the festival rock and rural psych sounds of Harvester or Canned Heat with the happy universality of Paul Simon. This is definitely a guy who should have been huge, but instead, he's got a retrospective out limited to a criminal 500 copies. Score one while you can.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
LP only $26.99

If asked to pinpoint the most influential group in the history of American dance music, you'd be hard pressed to come up with anyone more crucial than Liquid Liquid. Emerging out of the do-whatcha-like New York no wave scene that brought us Sonic Youth, Basquiat, Vincent Gallo, Arto Lindsay and Swans, Liquid Liquid focused on translating a whole slew of musical influences into a language spoken by percussion: dub, funk, punk, afrobeat, minimalism, reggae, free jazz, all mapped on a cacophonous phalanx of drums. You could start talking about the music that wouldn't be possible without these 3 EPs and still be covering new ground tomorrow morning: LCD Soundsystem and its solar system, Optimo and its schools of UK acid house and leftfield, everything on DFA Records, the Dirty Projectors, the Beastie Boys, Four Tet, on and on. These songs weren't just about drums, either; they described a tension and articulated an insistence that took punk's fearlessness through the art galleries and into the streets, then back into the club. And for the most part, they weren't even songs!
- Evan / Strictly Discs
EPs $14.99 each

In 2005, I was working at a record label that often received nondescript packages containing demos and CD-Rs from artists and bands looking to get signed. For a little while, it was my job to go through the mail tubs full of these packages (some of them postmarked over a year or more earlier) to see if there was anything interesting in there. Needless to say, the vast majority of this stuff was not worthy of a second look; fine music, sure, but nothing we would be compelled to release. One package had a plain CD-R from a Baltimore band named Beach House, who I almost tossed back in the pile due to their blandly forbidding name. A recommendation from a friend in Baltimore made me put it on, though, and it got its hooks in me right away. It was the songs that would go on to be their debut, (and I was listening to it too late anyway, they'd already signed to Carpark at that point) and I moved it into heavy rotation on my then state of the art iPod 5, now a paperweight. It's certainly hindsight making me say this with such confidence in the present, but those simple songs struck me with how effortlessly they summed up their era, and its stunning to listen to the band, a full decade later, still making that music sound the same, unaffected by ten years of rising fame. The keyboards still lower and soar, the drum machine still sounds like its 5 minutes away from quitting for good, and singer Victoria Legrand still sounds like someone to whom you really shouldn't have said whatever shit you said. Depression Cherry recoils from the more bombastic moments that made their last full-length, Bloom, such a dramatic triumph, aiming instead for a glowing, luminous stasis that pairs well with its red velour album art, welcoming you inside it like a worn-out bathrobe that doesn't mind that you've had a shitty day. If there is a "go to" Beach House move, its when the duo shifts imperceptibly into a chorus that's a step slower than the rest of the song, with Legrand's vocals taking on an added anguish and a slightly lower octave. Those blissful moments abound on Depression Cherry, a relaxed yet powerful album from one of the last decent American bands.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $12.99 / LP $18.99 on clear vinyl while they last

Welsh weirdo popstress Cate le Bon and Tim Presley aka White Fence have shacked up as a new duo called Drinks. What they do in their private lives is up to them, but the silly chemistry at play on this record does seem to indicate a bit of romance in the air, which makes Hermits on Holiday all the more enjoyable a listen. There isn't much of a template here, as if the two just got in the studio and let er rip. The album opens with Presley's signature brand of shambolic laissez-pop, but doesn't linger there too long, as Le Bon takes over vocal duties and the record moves into a wonky, fallen world that's part Bay Area merry prankster-ism, part Mark E Smith glossolalia, and all of the devilishness of one-off UK DIY. Plenty of these songs have all the cohesion you'd want out of smart pop, but the album's highlight (for me) is the 7 minute jam-down "Tim, Do I Like That Dog?" which features Le Bon adorably asking Presley about different dogs over a skronky meltdown that sounds like the Velvets going halfsies on a bag with Zappa. Does that sound good to you? Then you'll love Drinks.
- Evan / Strictly Discs
CD $13.99 / LP $17.99


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On September 25th, CHVRCHES will be releasing their sophomore LP and a limited quantity will be pressed on pink vinyl $18.99.

New indie-only version of Beirut's forthcoming album (released September 11th), avialable on blue/green vinyl and limited to 2,500 copies.

Double opaque white colored vinyl version for Ben Folds new release, also out September 11th (limited to 2,000 copies)

Debut album from HeCTA available September 18th on limited edition red vinyl.

New album by Telekinesis out September 18th and available on limited edition white vinyl.


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This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

When Mr. Rateliff last put out an album in 2013, it was a folkish, Americana type of album. When Mr. Rateliff put out an album in August 2015, it was a magnificent neo-soul type of album. He gathered his backing band, the Night Sweats in 2013, and toured the country and honed his sound for two years until putting out this album. Not only do I hear neo-soul, but I hear gospel, northern soul and Van Morrison (from Van's classic period). The resulting album was good enough to be put out on the resurrected Stax label. What turned Mr. Rateliff into a wide-eyed soul genius is beyond me. But whatever happened I am certainly.glad it did.
- Ted Talks

This is their first album since 2007, and their fifth overall. The Good Life is the side project of Cursive's Tim Kasher. The band has been through heartbreaking acoustic songs, nighttime synth pop and cinematic indie rock. Their 2005 album "Black Out is considered to be a classic of that year and era. The new album tends towards big guitars, oblique to not too subtle lyrics and at times a very Pavementesque/Pixified sound. The end result is much more appealing than it sounds. The totality is very unique and engaging. It reminds me that at one time indie rock was supposed to mean something, that it tackled subject matter and music that was outside the mainstream. "Everybody's Coming Down" is a worthy successor to that tradition.
- Ted Talks

Rest assured, that this album isn't demos sent out to music publishing house. The album is 12 songs recorded in 2002, between 2001's somber "Field Songs" and 2003's noisy "Here Comes That Weird Call." They sat for 13 years until finally released this year. If I had to say "Houston" sounds more like "Field Songs." But the music is more desert rock, more Death Valley Days than the 2001 release. Have no fear, this is not second-rate stuff 'Houston" is prime Lanegan. I have no idea why this collection of songs sat collecting dust for so long. I am certainly glad that the music finally came out. I just wonder what other material is languishing in a vault somewhere.
- Ted Talks


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