Hey there, Strictly Discs mailing list buddies! We have a huge selection of fresh arrivals and incoming used vinyl for you to check out this weekend, as we head perilously close to the pinnacle of the holiday season! Let's get into it.
It's Taylor Swift's world and we just live in it, or so I'm led to gather. We now have copies of her latest blockbuster, 'Reputation', in the house on vinyl, and this ones a picture disc, packaged inside a standard sleeve with the regular cover art. What's it a picture of? We don't know, but a picture of Taylor would be my guess. This one's on everyone within a certain age demographic's list this year, so be quick. I didn't even say 'be swift', not bad.
The week before Xmas is usually a big release date for hip-hop blockbusters, and 2017 doesn't disappoint in the slightest. We have new discs from Eminem, Jeezy, G-Eazy (not to be confused with Jeezy), Young RJ of Slum Village, DVSN, Nav and Metro Boomin's epic 'Perfect Timing', and a long overdue album from N.E.R.D.
Vinyl reissues this week include The Offspring's 'Ixnay on the Hombre', a pair from The Killers, 'Day and Age' and 'Sam's Town', Current 93's genre-defining neofolk album 'Thunder Perfect Mind', and an LP reissue of one of the finest jazz recordings EVER made, Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane live at Carnegie Hall.
Couple excellent LP box sets in the house, including one from Otis Redding, and a Fela Kuti collection curated by Erykah Badu.
Daphni's killer new album 'Joli Mai' is now in the house on vinyl, and a couple other titans of the techno game drop surprise albums on us: Zomby has a new one on Modern Love, and Errorsmith brings a major crusher out on PAN.
Japanese jazz-electronica arranger Yasuaki Shimizu took the wide-open playbook of the Yellow Magic Orchestra and ran wild with it in the 80s, recording a handful of albums that are just starting to find their way back in print and to a larger audience now. We've already been big fans of his 1983 album as Mariah, 'Utakata No Hibi', and 1987's 'Music For Commercials' (still in stock!), but 1982's 'Kakashi' is considered a high point of his early career. Shimizu has an uncanny ability to channel a whole lot of musical styles (folk, pop, electro, jazz, I even hear some klezmer on one of the tracks here) through a strange and alluring filter that is singularly his, rhythmic, light, and full of a graceful force. Pick up this wonder on CD or LP while you can, and be glad you did.
A couple years back, the Edinburgh-based label Firecracker reissued an out of print cassette by the Vancouver producer Lnrdcroy (pronounced like Leonard Nimoy) in a beautiful vinyl package, which also disappeared instantly. Praise the gods, for they have made more! 'Much Less Normal' still ranks as one of the best chilled, trippy bedroom house albums released this century, with nods to Larry Heard and Boards of Canada, and housed in the typically mindblowing Firecracker screenprinted artwork.
Tragically Hip frontman and Canadian folk hero Gord Downie left this earth this year, and the Arts and Crafts label has collected his final unreleased recordings, which we now have in the house on vinyl.
We've got copies of the AMAZING new album from Dego and Kaidi, a pair of UK soulful house producers who have been hard at it for decades. 'A So We Gwarn' is a life-affirming opus of vibration. Probably would have made a top ten list or two around here if it didnt arrive until yesterday.
New electronic EPs and LPs are in from a slew of names, including Model 500, Theo Parrish, DJ Richard, Palta & Ti, Mark Barrott, Damiano Von Erckert, Jamal Moss, Pink Lunch, Pender Street Steppers, Roza Terenzi, Molinaro, Ramzi, Legowelt, Conga Square, and Florian Kupfer, plus we've got the latest Fabriclive mix from DVS1.
New international and esoteric compilations abound, including guitar from rural Kenya, Les Filles de Illighadad from the Sahel, a sweet compilation of Citypop from 1980s Japan, Tarawangsawelas, a trad/electronic unit from Java, N.S.R.D., futurist synthpop from Latvia, a fourth volume in the Africa Airways funk series, Junior Mendes, an amazing boogie funk LP from 1982 Brazil, a new Analog Africa release from Hamad Kalkaba, and a reissue of an amazing classical/ambient LP from the Italian Roberto Mazza.