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Ezra Furman – “Transangelic Exodus” This is Mr. Furman’s seventh album, either as a member of a band or as a solo artist, since 2007.  According to the press surrounding this release, this album is a collection of personal and autobiographical sketches.   The music Mr. Furman has composed fleshes out those sketches.  He utilizes a whole variety of different musical styles to get the lyrics across.  The styles include seventies pop, punk, psychedelica, neo-disco, singer-songwriter pop, along with a few others.  You would think that by using all those disparate styles that “Transangelic Exodus” would be a total stylistic mess.  Quite to the contrary, Mr. Furman’s musical gifts make this album a fascinating listen.  The different styles totally complement the lyrical themes about growing up confused and accepting your sexuality and the ramifications of that sexuality - regardless of what society thinks.   This album is the furthest thing from a musical mess and failure.  “Transangelic Exodus” is nothing short of a great album. - Ted Talks

Susanna’s last name is Wallumrod and she is from Norway.  She composes and releases original material, but also specializes in covers.  And “Go Dig My Gave” is a collection of covers.  Susanna covers English and American folk songs, Elizabethan ballads, Joy Division, Charles Baudelaire, Lou Reed and Elizabeth Cotton.  The only instruments used are baroque harp, violin, accordion and African finger organ.  The songs are slowed down, and the sparse instrumentation focuses the listener’s attention on the lyrics and the melodies of each song.  Her musical skills can make a ballad from four hundred years ago sound as current and modern as a Joy Division.  Listening to this I can’t help think of Nico.  But Susanna’s voice is not like Nico’s Teutonic voice of doom.  I am reminded more of Nico’s approach to cover material.  “Go Dig My Grave” is an engaging look at the power of a great song stripped down to its basics, and interpreted by a masterful musician and vocalist. - Ted Talks