El Grito Taqueria Pop-Up every Wednesday 11AM - 1:30PM or when they are out - taco to turntable.


Our next MUSIC TRIVIA at the High Noon Saloon is Monday, September 18th. Registration starts at 5:30 with the first question from Angie and Marty at 6PM.


Pre-order the new album (streets September 22) and immediatey receive a 7" incuding an otherwise unavailable track, "How Do You Do."


September 15 - Prophets of Rage - S/T

September 15 - Ariel Pink - Dedicated To Bobby Jameson - blue vinyl

September 22 - Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun - blood black vinyl

September 22 - Metz - Strange Peace - Sub Pop LOSER Edition on clear swirl vinyl

September 22 - Mogwai - Every Country's Sun - Double LP on clear vinyl

September 26 - pink vinyl releases with proceeds benefiting Gilda's Club (ok it says 10, but we picked 7)

September 29 - Katy Perry - Witness - red vinyl

October 6 - Citizen - As You Please - bone with purple and gold splatter

October 6 - Jamila Woods - Heavn - white vinyl

October 6 - Shigeto - The New Monday - 2LP purple, pink and blue splatter

October 6 - Kelela - Take Me Apart - 2LP on clear vinyl with lyric book & poster

October 6 - Wolf Parade - Cry, Cry, Cry - Sub Pop LOSER Edition on white/cream vinyl

October 6 - Liam Gallagher - As You Were - white vinyl

October 13 - Jerry Lee Lewis - Greatest - orange and white vinyl

October 13 - William Patrick Corgan - Ogilala - pink vinyl

October 13 - Beck - Colors - transparent yellow vinyl with slipmat

October 20 - Bully - Losing - Sub Pop LOSER Edition on clear/black swirl vinyl

October 20 - Brand New - Science Fiction - blue and red vinyl


The basement is fully stocked with new and vintage equipment:

New turntables (Pro-Ject Debut Carbon) & New speakers (Kantu YU2) for $174.
Vintage turntables, speakers & receivers starting at $99.
Full vintage systems including turntable, receiver & speakers, starting at $299.


This isn't the spot to lay down odds on the third race. OTB is where Others Talk Back and give you the lowdown on what they've been feeling lately. This one's for the customers.

Twin Peaks was one of the best TV series of 1990. It was also one of the most influential shows in the history of TV. And the soundtrack music perfectly defined the aesthetics of the show. The 2017 Twin Peaks is without a doubt one of the most creative and astounding TV series ever broadcast. The music for the new series also defines and illustrates the stylistic sense for the series as a whole. Twin Peaks music always had a noir, midnight feel. The new series continues that feeling. The majority of music could be described as dream pop and fits perfectly with the visuals. Artists included on the soundtrack are Sharon Van Etten, Au Revoir Simone, Chromatics, the Cactus Blossoms, Shawn Colvin, Eddie Vedder, the Veils and many others.
- Ted Talks

This album was previously unreleased. All of the songs were recorded on the night of August 11, 1976. At the time, Mr. Young was in the habit of recording on the nights of a full moon. “Hitchhiker” is just Neil and his acoustic guitar. His producer, David Briggs, live produced the music and mixed it as it happened. The music is raw and stark, but the incredible power of his music is totally evident. Many of the cuts included on the album later appeared on subsequent albums, while two songs were totally unreleased until now. For instance, the original versions of “Powderfinger” and “Pocahontas” are included on the album. The seventies were a prime decade for Mr. Young. And 1976 was one of his stellar years of that decade. And until the release of “Hitchhiker” in 2017, we didn’t know how good that year was for Neil. Why this album sat unreleased for 41 years is beyond belief.
- Ted Talks

Steve Wynn’s Dream Syndicate were one of the best and most underappreciated bands of the eighties. From their classic “Days of Wine and Roses” in 1982, to their last album in 1988, the band burned bright, but the glow was extinguished quite quickly. At the time, Dream Syndicate was one of the leading lights of the Paisley Underground; a style that fused psychedelic music was the creative spirit that punk and new wave unleashed in the seventies. Mr. Wynn started the band again in 2012, and wisely waited until the band was ready to record. “How Did I Find Myself” is slightly more heavy than their eighties music, but it fits into the whole historical sound of the band. “How Did I Find Myself Here” is certainly as good as their first two albums and much better than the later albums released by the original incarnation of the band. For a band to come back after some thirty years and create music that is equal to their best work is nothing short of astounding.
- Ted Talks

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