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The Nude Party – “The Nude Party”  The Nude Party’s self-titled debut has to be one of the best garage rock albums in the last several years.   A lot of new century garage rock from the last several years is long on style, but short on songs.  The main thing that separates the Nude Party from their neo-garage peers is that they know how to write catchy and memorable songs.   There is also a freshness in their song craft that is so current.   The Nude Party reason for existence is not to simply recreate the sounds of 1966.  Stylistically, the band takes a lot from the Velvet Underground .   That VU influences also s separates the Nude Party from the other garage bands.  All of the Nude Party’s attributes  should make this album appealing to all music fans.  The Nude Party’s debut really goes well beyond being just a mere genre exercise. - Ted Talks