1. Life To Fix
2. I'm Getting Better (And I'm Feeling It Right Now)
3. Goodbye To The Hard Life
4. Make It Happen
5. You And Me Now
6. Coming Home
7. The Movie Song
8. Night Games
9. Roll Bones
10. I'm Changing

More Info:

The band continues with their signature gritty, rock & roll, blues sound on All Of This Life, their second album following up a Grammy-nominated and hit-filled debut. The new album incorporates the band's organic style, but provides a richer, full expanded sound using Boulevard Recording Studio and mixes by Mark Needham (The Revivalists, Blue October, Newsboys, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, etc...). This album is comprised of stories about moving through difficult times in life and coming through the other side as shared by their fanbase over the last two years of non-stop touring.